Ingredient Spotlight: Lactococcus Ferment Lysate

When it comes to ways to achieve healthy skin, bacteria may not be one of the first things to come to anyone’s mind. But, if you ask us, it should. Allow us to introduce you to Lactococcus Ferment Lysate. “Lacto-what now?” – you, probably What’s Lactococcus ferment lysate? Lactococcus ferment lysate (LFL) is a skin ingredient and a probiotic that’s known for its highly intelligent interactions with our skin cells. It can communicate with our skin cells and help with healthy production of peptides which are not only vital to stronger, plumper skin but also maintain a healthy skin flora. What does it do? Helps make new skin cells LFL helps improve skin...

Reasons Why You’ll Love the New & Improved Multivitamin Super Hydrator

Those who have known us since our early days will be well-aware that the Multivitamin Super Hydrator has been one of our first ever serums. And since the beginning, it has enjoyed a fanbase of its own among people of all skin types. But, just like your skin and skincare routine is always evolving, so do we believe there’s room for our formulations to improve too! After hearing your feedback and wishes for what you want to see in your staple, holy grail serum, we went straight to our lab and made some changes. And so, meet our new & improved Multivitamin Super Hydrator. This reformulated elixir is packed...

Why Your Skincare Routine Needs Humectants

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt as a team full of skincare nerds, it’s that hydrated skin will always be IN – irrespective of your skin type. And rightly so! When your skin cells are hydrated, your skin is plumper, stronger and more radiant. In its own way, hydrated skin keeps acne at bay and your barrier in top shape. So, how do you get to Destination: Hydration Station? All aboard the Humectant train! What is a humectant? Simply put, a humectant is a moisturizing agent with an ability to retain moisture in the skin. It also helps seal cracks in the skin. How do humectants work? Humectants draw moisture to...

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