#VAUNTVoices – Monika Bhattacharyya  

Monika Bhattacharyya is the General Manager of Communications at Yash Raj Films. Throughout her day, she nurtures talent, builds effective communication strategies for some of the most widely known actors in the Indian film industry and then some more. We catch a few moments with her in between her busy routine to talk about her relationship with skincare. Can you tell us a little bit about your journey? I started out as a PR person and I first worked with the Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi. I worked there about 3 years, post which I moved to Star TV India. This was in 1997. I worked there till 2006....

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#VAUNTVoices – Naimita Jagasia on veganism, skincare and more.

Naimita Jagasia is a self-taught vegan baker and founder of An Ode to Gaia. She's also a fierce voice who uses her platform to drive important conversations around feminism, veganism and several much-needed subjects. We catch her in between whipping up drool-worthy desserts and activism to talk to her about her journey, skincare and more. Tell us a bit about your journey - What have been the challenges and the highlights? It all started when I first moved back to India from the UK after finishing my undergrad in footwear design. I was working on my 100% animal free footwear collection and the lack of sustainable faux leather options...

Ingredient Spotlight: Hydroquinone

Hyper Pigmentation and Melasma are serious skin conditions that affect not just our physical appearance but also on a mental level. In our desperation to fix this we test as many products as possible offering a solution. If you suffer from this, chances are you have been prescribed Hydroquinone at some point and this what you must know about this ingredient! ...

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Acne Prone Skin and it’s many concerns

How well do you know your skin? Get real world answers from our in-house skin expert  Dr Pravin Banodkar as he tells us everything you need to know about caring for Acne Prone Skin!  We did a quick Q&A with him.  Dr Pravin Banodkar D.N.B Dermatology   Q. Can you name  a few skincare ingredients that clog pores and aggravate acne ? A. Especially thick, occlusive, synthetic ingredients like lanolin, cocoa and shea butters, oleic acid, mineral oil, petroleum jelly and heavy moisturizers. All can aggravate acne Q. What causes those tiny bumps on the foreheads? How  is it different from Acne? A. Tiny bumps on the foreheads are whiteheads and blackheads. They are an...

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