Age Control Starter Kit

Barrier Boost Face Formula + VC12+ Brazil Nut + Rosehip Face Oil


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Daily use will help maintain a healthy glow while controlling signs of ageing this leaving the skin with a firm and radiant skin tone.

How to Apply

AM: Use 2-4 pumps of the Barrier Boost Face Formula before sunscreen. 

PM: Dab 3-4 drops of the VC-12 Intermediate Serum followed by 2 -3 pumps of The Barrier Boost Face Formula + 1-2 drop Brazil Nut Oil. 

Gently massage/dab oil on face and decolletage in upward direction.  *If using VC-12 Serum in the daytime, sunscreen is mandatory. 

Note:  Vitamin C can cause purging in some people. Discontinue product and restart after purging stops.

Patch Test: Please patch test each product individually for 3-4 days before combining them in the same routine. This will help eliminate any product that may cause irritation or purging from your routine.


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