Oily Skin Starter Kit

Looking for something to balance and nourish oily skin without clogging the pores? This Starter Kit is for you!

Oily Skin Starter Kit

Vitamin C Water - Beginner + Barrier Boost Face Formula


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Paired together this super duo will control excess sebum production leaving your skin healthy and radiant.

How to Apply

AM: Use 2-4 pumps of  Barrier Boost Face Formula in the AM before sunscreen 

PM: Pair the Barrier Boost with 4-5 drops of Vitamin C Water in the PM. 

*If you don’t mind layering, the Vitamin C Water can be used AM & PM. (patch test mandatory).

If you’re using the Vitamin C Water in the daytime, make sure you follow it up with a sunscreen!

Note:  Vitamin C can cause purging in some people. Discontinue product and restart after purging stops.

Patch Test: Please patch test each product individually for 3-4 days before combining both in the same routine. This will help eliminate any product that may cause irritation or purging from your routine.


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Vitamin C Water – Beginner Level

Vitamin C Water is a gentle beginner friendly water-based PM serum that helps brighten skin tone, diminish dark spots  and boost collagen production. Formulated with Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, it’s a stable and very effective serum.

– 3-4 drops of this miracle vitamin water before bed, helps boost your skin’s natural collagen supply, adding a nourishing glow to keep you looking radiant the next day.

– Can be used in the AM & PM

–  Enhanced with natural sources of Amla this water is a power dose of just the right ingredients your skin needs to fight those dark spots, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

– With brightening and anti-oxidizing ingredients in Vitamin C Water, this serum diminishes dark spots, lightens scars, reverses sun-damage, and retains moisture, giving you that dewy, luminous glow.

– With a boost of natural extracts like Licorice and Amla this 5% beginner friendly Vitamin C Water works for all skin types including sensitive skin.

– Wear Sunscreen in the morning while using this product.

  • Note: Vitamin C can cause purging in some people. Discontinue product and restart after purging stops or discontinue if it’s causing further irritation.

Barrier Boost Face Formula

Barrier Boost Face Formula is a light, matte moisturiser with actives like niacinamide, bakuchiol, bio-peptides, Ceramide CLR-K, omega fatty acids and amino acids that helps strengthen and boost the  barrier without clogging the pores.

– Repair and Strengthen skin’s Barrier

– Diminish fine lines

– Brighten complexion and reduce the appearance of pore

– Tighten and plump skin

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