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How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Don’t we all wish our lipstick would last on without having to reapply it multiple times?

We’re all for luscious lip colors and the hautest trends, but what’s the point of it all, when there are no signs of your perfect pout after leaving your house? Don’t fret. We’re giving you the ultimate tip to keep handy so that you enjoy yourself and not run to the powder room for your hourly application.



The most important tip that we can give you, is to make sure your lips are well exfoliated. Proper exfoliation will give you soft lips which allow even application. Dry, chapped lips won’t allow the lipstick to stay and so exfoliation should be done at least twice a week. Combine equal parts of sugar and honey and gently scrub your lips.

Another way to ensure your lips are soft is to use a lip balm to keep them moisturized. Before applying a lipstick, always apply a balm. Applying lip balm every night before bed will also keep it smooth and hydrated.

Lip Liner
Next step is to use a lip liner. We suggest using a liner of the same shade as the lipstick or a shade that works universally for all your sticks. DO NOT use a shade darker than the lipstick, that’s a trend of the past. Lining your lips and then filling it in with the same pencil will ensure that it doesn’t bleed and will increase the staying power of the lipstick.

Now comes the first coat of lipstick. You can usually start off with the cupids bow, give it shape and then move on to the rest of the lips.

Between the first and second coat of lipstick, it’s best to powder. Now what this does is, soak up the extra oils and make it more long lasting. Place a tissue over your mouth, and then dab some translucent powder over it. A small amount of powder will go through the tissue and lock the color.

Lipstick- Coat 2
Now that the first coat of lipstick in sealed, go ahead and reapply. Blot again for a matte effect.

This should keep you from running to the ladies room to touch up your makeup!

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