We would be terribly disappointed if the products don’t suit your skin type. However,do note  there can be an initial purging period during which breakouts are normal when introducing a product with an active ingredient. You can take a break from the product for about 2-3 weeks and restart.

It is important to note that when introducing new products and sciences into your regimen, your skin may require up to a month to adjust. We’d recommend taking a break from the products until your skin has calmed before gradually reincorporating them back into your routine.  (after applying test patches) to gauge any potential sensitivity or reaction.


Vitamin C water is a non-sticky water based serum!

If you have the uneven skin tone, pigmentation spots and dull skin, damaged aging skin, it’s a time to incorporate this product into your routine. This will not just make your skin brighter but soft and plump too as it’s gives the skin a collagen boost. Brighter skin will minimise the appearance of mild acne scars.

Besides it’s amazing benefits, Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that can be incorporated by anyone over 25years of age!

Use in the PM and apply generous amount of sunscreen the next day as this product may make your skin sensitive.


Yes! Face oils are potently active and 1 drop in the PM of a well-formulated face oil will give radiant results. Lovingly created with Tamanu, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Rosehip and Cranberry seed oil, this super formulation will control sebum production while making your skin supple and bright.


The brief for dry skin was clear:- A moisturising, non-clogging oil that brightens, deeply nourishes, hydrates, seals in the moisture and firms dull skin all while giving it a healthy post yoga glow. This truly is the elixir you are looking for!


This light, daily super serum will give you a boost of hydration which moisturizers, sunscreens, BB Creams and foundations usually lack. It will also supply the anti-oxidants and multi-vitamins that your skin needs everyday. Most anti-oxidants In sunscreens oxidise on exposure to sun and its strength decreases due to the other ingredients present in the mix. This


A hydrator mainly increases the skin’s water content preventing dehydration. It’s made of hygroscopic ingredients, which means the ingredients draw water from the environment. It delivers the hydration through ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid which has been included to give your skin that boost. Applying an oil, cream or foundation of your choice  after the serum will moisturize and seal in the water, preventing water loss. And adding to it’s basket of benefits is the fact that it’s filled with Multivitamins! What more can you skin ask for? Our MVSH quietly yet effectively does the job!


Just like all our other products in the line, our Watermelon & Seaweed face mist has been created to serve multiple benefits and purpose. 1. Hydrate 2. Tone. 3. Supply anti-oxidants. 4. Shrink pores. So why won’t you need a super mist like this in your carry bag, gym bag, yoga bag or bathroom cabinet? On the go or before bed time?


From our research we felt there weren’t any face washes that worked on sensitive, dehydrated and combination skin type. A lot of folks with dry skin have an Oily T-zone.  Our Daisy Extract & Vitamin B face wash is for this lovely folks! It has no sulphates, foam or harsh exfoliating acids for quick results that many brands want to show to sell their products. It’s a cleanser that cradles your face like a baby’s’ bottom and yet ensures it’s cleans and takes the makeup off.  We don’t believe in brutality J  and yet we get the job done.


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