Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy

Cancellation policy

The order can only be cancelled by calling our customer care number (8779328781)

For orders cancelled after shipping, we will charge the customer Rs 300.00 or shipping charges (both forward & return) which is higher, to help us recover the shipping costs as we have to factor in the cost of return shipment.

Return Policy

The order can be returned only if:-

  1. If the shipment received has been physically damaged in transit and the customers have retained its original packaging with pictures.
  2. If part of the order or items are missing from the packaging.

The final decision would be taken by the team at Vaunt. Please contact us within 24 hours of delivery on 8779328781

Refund policy

All products once purchased are non-refundable

Refunds will only be entertained if the delivered product is not as per the orders placed.

Shipping charge would not be included in the refund value of your order as these are non-refundable charges.

Vaunt is not responsible for any damage caused after the delivery of the product. Returns & Exchanges are subject to inspection by Vaunt.

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