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You can’t think of Indipop music from the 90s without thinking about Nauheed Cyrusi, who to this day is as fresh-faced and sprightly as she was when she first appeared on our TV screens. While she’s not as active on the big screen anymore, her Instagram is a delightful place to be, where Nauheed actively shares advice on makeup and skincare which are as fun as they’re useful. We caught up with her one day, to dive a little deeper into her beauty secrets, skincare routine and more.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself – from where you started to the challenges you had to overcome to where you are right now?

I came into this industry when models modelled and movie stars acted in films. Hence, recognition came quick because I was the face of pretty much every single product on TV. Add a viral video called Piya Basanti to that mix and I was well on my way to doing films. I approach life in a very unconventional way. Challenges are only stepping stones and what’s meant to be will be and whats nt wont! simple

How important is skincare to you? Have you always been conscious about skincare?

Yes, I have always been that little girl who brushed her hair 100 times before she slept. As for skincare, I used to steal my mum’s creams while my older sister laughed away, and today I laugh away while she steals all of mine.

Tell us about your relationship with your skin – in terms of skin concerns, struggles and your routine?

I have been fairly blessed with good skin, I had a lot of teenage acne but I was always careful with what I ate from a young age and so I would counter acne episodes with lots of water and cardio.

How much thought goes into the products you choose for your skin?

Now, a lot! For me I don’t judge how good or bad the product is depending on its price. I’ve become a whole lot more conscious of ingredients too! It is, after all, directly absorbed into your skin. So, for me, the cleaner the product the better.

What did your early steps into skincare look like?

It basically involved using whatever was on my mum’s counter!

Over the years, how has your approach to skincare shifted and evolved? 

I love to experiment and while that still holds true, what I realised was just because something is trending doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you. So, instead, it’s better to focus on finding something that does and then sticking with it

What do you think about VAUNT?  

Vaunt was a discovery I’m so grateful for. The few things I look for in skincare are: ingredients, fragrance and how well it worked with my skin. It’s so obvious that a lot of thought and care goes into your creations and that’s what makes me a forever fan!

Did you pick any skincare tips and hacks during your time in the film and modelling industry? 

Sooooo many! The most useful ones that I follow to this day are: Always remove your makeup after a day of work, never allow any makeup artist to use anyone else’s makeup tools on your face. NO brushes or sponges! Stay hydrated.

What’s your go-to skincare hack? 

Less is more and most importantly, if you’re a lazy bug like me ,the least you can do is wear a cream or oil before falling asleep as the skin gets maximum repair time at night\


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