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Monika Bhattacharyya is the General Manager of Communications at Yash Raj Films. Throughout her day, she nurtures talent, builds effective communication strategies for some of the most widely known actors in the Indian film industry and then some more. We catch a few moments with her in between her busy routine to talk about her relationship with skincare.

Can you tell us a little bit about your journey?

I started out as a PR person and I first worked with the Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi. I worked there about 3 years, post which I moved to Star TV India. This was in 1997. I worked there till 2006. After this, I started working with Yash Raj Films and I continue working with them. I think, the kind of hectic job I have - it’s been a challenge to maintain a skincare regime. I have to take a lot of long flights, and as soon as you land, you have to immediately get busy with work. One needs to really be smart about their skincare regime – keep it minimal yet effective. Because looking good is a part of the job.

What does skincare mean to you?

Skincare for me is basically about having flawless skin, so that there’s minimal makeup involved. It’s about using good quality products that are organic and locally sourced.

Tell us about your approach to skincare…

I’ve always struggled with excessively oily skin and a lot of acne issues, since I was a teen. The only good thing is that my skin does not retain marks. The thing about excessively oily skin is that it becomes better with age. So now, now it’s perfectly balanced, and it’s something I’m enjoying immensely! I keep my skincare routine very simple.

How has your approach to skincare shifted and evolved?

As a teen living in Kolkata, back then we didn’t really have access to fancy products. But, even then I was very particular about my skin. I was very adamant about keeping my skin clean – something that has prevailed to this day. I had a love-hate relationship with moisturisers because, I would feel like it made my skin oilier. I used to make a lot of face masks at home. As I grew up, I would focus on international, branded products that would cater to specific skincare needs, such as pore reduction, reducing oiliness etc. But, now my approach to skincare revolves around products that are non-toxic, organic, locally sourced and available and of course, affordability. Affordability is an important factor, because if you’re going to use something every day, you need it to be readily available.

For me, a lifestyle shift has also played a very important role. It includes not just topical products, but also eating healthy – a lot of veggies and green powders on a daily basis and staying hydrated.

What has your experience with VAUNT been like?

I think VAUNT is exactly the kind of skincare line that I have been waiting for. I put it out to the universe so many times, in such specific terms that when I first saw the range at The Vintage Garden, it was unbelievable. The packaging is so fantastic. It’s perfect for those who travel frequently. The products are almost like they’re made for me. I love each and every product I used. In the morning, I use the Face Wash, followed by the Watermelon-Seaweed Face Mist, the Multivitamin Super-hydrator and Cranberry oil in the morning. In the night, I use, the Face Wash, Face Mist, Vit. C Water and I the oil again. This is all I have been basically following religiously for the last 1 month. My skin looks great, it looks bright, and it’s really helped, so I’m really happy about it.

What’s your go-to skincare hack?

My go to skincare hack is to rub ice all over my face twice a day after cleansing. It really makes my skin look tighter and minimises pores. The other thing I do is a face pack of flax seed powder and milk. I use it twice a week. It really sucks out the dirt and makes the skin look fantastic!


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