#VauntRecommends: 5 Body Lotions For Dry Skin That Are NOT Petroleum Jelly

#VauntRecommends: 5 Body Lotions For Dry Skin That Are NOT Petroleum Jelly

If you spend a better part of the year staring at your body lotion and asking yourself, “will it help if I drink this?” you may be crazy, but you’re not alone. I totally understand if your idea of a horror story involves living in a world without any petroleum jelly whatsoever. BUT, here’s the thing – petroleum jelly does nothing for your skin, except forming a greasy layer that only makes your skin feel moisturised, but doesn’t really provide the deep nourishment that dry skin actually needs.


So, if you’re disappointed with your current body lotion/jelly and want to upgrade from the obvious choices, here are some of Vaunt’s favourite picks.

  1. Biotique Bio Winter Cherry Rejuvenating Body Nourisher

Price: Rs. 180 for 190 ml

If you’re a little wary of products that contain too many ingredients whose purpose you can’t quite understand, Biotique is the brand for you. One of their most promising products is the Bio Winter Cherry Rejuvenating Body Nourisher. It has a rather thick consistency. Despite its rich texture, it’s absorbed into the skin surprisingly quickly. However, it may leave behind a slightly greasy texture. Also, the brand doesn’t disclose the whole list of ingredients - what does ‘lotion base’ cover? If you’re willing to ignore that and the terribly cumbersome packaging, you’ll be delighted to find a body lotion that’s gentle on your skin and your wallet!


  1. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E

Price: Rs. 545 for 400 ml
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter has been quite a hit among those with extra dry skin for a while now. And rightfully so. It has a yellowish oily consistency, that may make you wary of greasiness at first. But, you’ll be surprised at how well it sinks into the skin, instantly heals dryness and itchiness, and leaves your skin well-nourished. However, if you’re not a fan of the sweet smell of cocoa, this may take some getting used to. Also, despite its “24-hour moisture” claim, you may have to apply the lotion twice a day. 

  1. The Body Shop British Rose Body Butter

Price: Rs. 995 for 200 ml

If you’re looking for something lightweight yet effective, look no further than The Body Shop’s British Rose Body Butter. The British Rose body butter has a light lingering fragrance that’ll stay on the whole day, making you feel fresh and calm. As far as body butters go, this one is much lighter in texture, although it takes a few minutes to be completely absorbed into the skin. It can keep you moisturised from morning to evening, and a little bit goes a long way, so you can get all your money’s worth out of it!


  1. Ives Naturally Soothing Body Lotion with Oatmeal and Shea Butter
    Price: Rs. 649 for 621 ml

St. Ives’ body lotion ticks every box on the list of great skincare products – it’s paraben free, cruelty-free, dermatologically tested and made with 100% natural ingredients. Its rich texture provides long lasting hydration for dry skin, without leaving a greasy layer. It contains natural ingredients such as oatmeal – a rockstar when it comes to soothing itchy skin, and Shea Butter – the go-to ingredient for maximum moisturisation. It leaves the skin soft, supple and with an incredibly youthful texture and glow. And if that wasn’t enough, it smells like a dream! It’s suitable for sensitive skin types too, including those suffering from mild eczema.


  1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Price: Rs. 680 for 354 ml

I really do believe that oatmeal isn’t given its due credit in skincare. To rectify that, here’s another power-packed body lotion with oatmeal as its active ingredient. The Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is a no-fuss product that strictly means business. It’s fragrance free, glides smoothly, blends easily and is absorbed quickly, keeping your skin healthy and hydrated all day long. Its non-greasy formula makes it the perfect choice for dry skin throughout the year, especially if you live in a city like Bombay!

Whichever body lotion you pick, it won’t work to its fullest unless it is complemented by a eating a healthy diet, drinking copious amounts of water each day and getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night. So, make sure you’re nourishing your skin inside out!

Got a body lotion that you think would make this list better? Tell us about it in the comments, along with any skincare product or trend you’d want us to try next!





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