Vaunt Asks Three Women To Dish Out Their Skincare Favourites

Vaunt Asks Three Women To Dish Out Their Skincare Favourites

Finding a skincare product that works is like sliding down a rabbit hole without quite knowing what to expect on the other side. More often than not, it ends in you drowning in a wave of disappointment and more clutter in your cabinet. Perhaps this is why we love peeking into the skincare routines of different women!

Three gorgeous women, across different skin types, age groups and lifestyles let us in on their go-to skincare products.

Amanda Sodhi

Skin type: Oily to Combination

Skin superpower: Age-defying beauty!

Amanda is a thirty-year-old Washington DC-born and Kolkata-based musician, filmmaker, theatre professional, voiceover artist and writer. Because even an average day in Amanda’s life involves juggling too many roles and a whole lot of travel, taking the time out to look after her skin is a form of therapeutic indulgence.

“When I lived in DC, my skin was normal, except during winter when it would get really dry. But, after I moved to India, the huge shift in climate affected my skin too! It’s normal most times, except during the really hot and humid months when my skin gets oily. Luckily, I don’t face any major problems. I do have dark circles which are more of a lifestyle problem!” Amanda explains.

“When I am choosing skincare products, it’s mainly from an indulgence perspective. It’s when I take time out of my own life to pamper myself for a few minutes. I love FabIndia’s products – their sunscreen is excellent because it doesn’t have any tint that makes you look like a ghost. Himalaya is another favourite because of how affordable and safe to use their products are. Himalaya’s tan removal Orange Face Scrub, Neem Face Wash and Night Cream are regulars. As far as my favourite cleansers go, I absolutely love Shiseido’s Cleansing Foam – the texture is incredible, it feels luxurious and is actually a great cleanser! I’ve been using it for quite a few years now.”

Skincare Mantra:
“I believe in having a skincare routine and products that allow my skin to breathe.”


Chaitali Doshi

Skin Type: Combination

Skin superpower: Forty and flawless!


Chaitali Doshi is forty-two years old and assists her father in his diamond trading venture. What’s the secret to taking care of a. combination skin and b. looking so flawless in her forties? “There are a few products that I would never travel anywhere without. Each product is armed for a specific purpose. These include a sunblock, Clincitop Gel to combat that rare zit, Bio Oil, Vitamin C serum, Retin A, and an exfoliating scrub. While I don’t have a major acne problem as such, I do face a random zit or a breakout once in a while. And Clincitop Gel has been my most trusted saviour in any acne emergency for the past 15 years now. Another product I really like a lot is Bio Oil – I use it every night after cleansing my face. It’s light, non-comedogenic and keeps the skin nice and supple without causing a breakout. I use Vitamin C serum once a week or when my skin is feeling too tired and needs a quick pep up. If I notice a lot of patchiness in my skin tone, then I use Retin A one or twice a week for a few weeks. I love homemade face packs. My go-to face pack is orange peel blanched in hot water and blended. Once cooled, I add chickpea flour and mix thoroughly. It’s the best pack ever, and the glow I get from using it is fantastic!”

Skincare Mantra:
“Watch and listen to your skin.”

Soma Das

Skin type: Dry

Skin superpower: Always camera ready!

Twenty-five years old Soma Das is a Marketing Manager and fashion blogger based out of Mumbai. When she’s not drafting strategies and campaigns for one of the biggest brands in Indian beauty, she’s running her own fashion blog, which involves being in front of the camera a lot. “I’m not camera shy”, Soma tells us, “And I owe that to good skincare products”.

“I have dry skin, which even in this humid weather requires maintenance. Add to that, my skin is easily prone to acne breakouts. Plus, with all the makeup and all, I feel it’s important to keep my skin well-nourished. To that effect, I use the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+. I’ve been using it for 18 months now, and it works amazingly for my skin. It gets quickly absorbed into the skin, without making my face appear greasy. And I don’t need to keep reapplying it throughout the day to replenish my skin with moisture – something people with dry skin have to keep doing! I apply it in the morning before I start my day and at night before I go to bed. There’s been a noticeable difference in the way my skin looks and feels.”

Skincare mantra:
“Using one excellent product that works fully well is always much better than using a dozen products that work half well.”

What’s your go-to skincare product? How do you keep your skin healthy and well-nourished? Tell us in the comments! Want to be featured in our next roundup? Write to us at!


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