The Ultimate Guide to Beauty Blenders

The Ultimate Guide to Beauty Blenders

As important it is to choose the correct type and shade of makeup, it is equally important that you choose the correct type of tool to apply it.

While you may have read the importance of the beauty blender in our previous post. Finding the right one that meets your match is key to flawless make-up.

You might use the best foundation, but without the right tools and techniques to put it on, it could still end up looking too cakey, too streaky, or just too plain. Just like choosing makeup products from a brand that offers quality, it is important to use the right kind of tools to blend in the makeup. That's where makeup sponges and brushes come in. Here's your quick guide for which beauty blender to pick for the perfect look. So, let’s begin

  1. Beauty Blending Sponge

The most popular sponge these days is the beauty blending sponge, that is trending on almost every makeup blog and video. Almost every makeup artist is spotted using one. This sponge is a must have for women who desire to achieve that flawless skin after the application of foundation. This sponge most importantly gives an even coverage and it is used to build the foundation and concealer. It provides airbrush like finish and is best used for blending, highlighting and contouring.

Bonus Tip: If you don't wet the sponge before you use it, the product sinks into it like a black hole.

  1. Cotton Powder Puff

Cotton powder puffs are mostly used for an easy application of loose powders. They cover most areas of the skin. They are very soft and fluffy as they are made with organic cotton fibers. At the same time, these are not too expensive and easily available in the market too. Cotton Powder Puff is a must have for sensitive skin. It takes less time for the application of powder and the powder pad holds the application well.

  1. Contouring Sponge

Contouring Sponges are ideal for contouring and highlighting as they make reaching ‘hard to reach’ ridges very easy. They are usually tearing or oval shaped and are similar to beauty blender. Contouring sponges are best used with highlighters, bronzers and both with liquid and cream products. Contouring sponges soften the color of bronzers and make the contouring job easier.

  1. Cosmetic Wedges

One of the best qualities of Cosmetic Wedges is that they do not absorb the product. The triangle cut in the wedge is used to reach out the hard-to-reach and smaller areas. Cosmetic wedges work great with liquid foundation, illuminator, and concealers to cover dark circles. Cosmetic Wedges absorb less and give you the ability to apply the right amount of makeup in every application. As these wedges do not absorb the makeup, it extends the life of your makeup.

  1. Silicone Make-up Sponge

The beauty industry never stops surprising you with new, exciting and kind of weird ways to apply face makeup more efficiently. As the name suggests, these makeup sponges are made up of silicone that discern it from the other alternatives not only in design but also in hygiene. Easier to clean than traditional sponges and requires less product for full coverage. Flats out blend better.

  1. Cellulose Cleansing Sponge

Forget the typical old school way of cleansing your skin with facial foams and scrubs because cleansing sponges are the thing of the 21st century. Cellulose is derived from natural plant pulp and not artificially. These sponges are gentle and can be used from both the sides. They are used to clean makeup and deeply cleanse the skin. This is not a makeup sponge, but it certainly helps with removing it and keeping the skin healthy enough. Hence, it should also be a vital part of your makeup kit.

Bonus tips:- A beauty blender will always give you that flawless look if you remember to wet the sponge first. DO NOT apply the foundation directly to the sponge. Instead, dot the foundation over your face and then use your sponge to blend. Also, avoid applying in a circular motion. A beauty blender is made to give an amazing finish when you lightly tap it or push it into your face. Patting your foundation in is how to avoid creases and get a flawless finish.

So that’s all folks on makeup blenders! Hope this was informative and will help you choose an appropriate one for yourself. Makeup sponges are great tools to try if you are not as comfortable with makeup brushes and if you desire more luminous and natural finish of your makeup.

Happy Blending!

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