Team VAUNT's Go-To Hand-Care Tips

Team VAUNT's Go-To Hand-Care Tips

Our hands are the most active part of our body but one of the most disregarded as well. In all honesty, the skin on our hands is one of the first to indicate signs of ageing. The slim and sensitive skin on the back of our hand is exposed to a wide range of natural aggressors that can interfere with not only the overall appearance of our hands, but the barrier too! 

Furthermore, washing your hands constantly additionally strips your hands of its moisture leading to dehydrated, chapped and aged-looking hands. .

So, today, Team VAUNT hops on to share their daily hand-care tips! 


“Use hyaluronic acid for hands” - Natasha

“Hyaluronic acid is an awesome ingredient for skin, both - face AND body!” shares our Founder, Natasha Parekh. And she’s right. Hyaluronic Acid has the ability to profoundly hydrate and tie moisture to cells, while its light surface makes it similarly compelling for helping to rebalance slick skin. It is also a key ingredient when it comes to turning back the clock, and slowing down the ageing process. The Multivitamin Super Hydrator also comes in handy for this!

“Wherever I go, my hand cream goes with me!” - Karen

“I have severely dry hands. And the constant washing and sanitising hasn’t made things any better for me. So a hand cream is the most essential part of my skincare stash!” says our Content & Communications Lead, Karen Fernandes. 

Since your hands are constantly in touch with other objects, you probably wash them often to get rid of all the germs. While this is a good daily practice, it can also leave our hands dry and rough. This can further cause itchiness and irritation. And so it's important to moisturise your hands throughout the day. Keep in mind to choose one with ingredients that nourish, strengthen and repair damaged skin like the Super Handy Non-Greasy Ceramide Cure

“Make your own bedtime hand mask.” - Rose


“It’s hard to maintain moisturised hands throughout the day, especially when I tend to wash my hands frequently. My go-to hack is to make my own overnight bedtime hand mask,” shares Rose Mibu, our Social Media Manager. 

The absence of proper hydration can damage your hands' skin barrier; this leaves your skin less equipped for warding off bacteria. A hand mask can retain hydration in dry skin. A good hand mask therefore needs to incorporate rock solid occlusives. Occlusives seal in moisture  on your skin. While these heavier occlusives may be too oily or slick for your face, your hands will absorb these happily! You can try making your mask by adding a few drops of a rich oil like jojoba or sunflower oil to the Super Handy, or layering Vaseline petroleum jelly on top of your hand cream, and covering your hands with cotton socks at bedtime! 

“I use a gentle face wash as a hand wash” - Jessica

“Using harsh hand washes and sanitisers have definitely wreaked havoc on my hands. As much as I can, I use gentle face wash. Specifically VAUNT’s Calendula Cloud Cleanser” says Jessica Fernandes, our Intern.

Like we mentioned earlier, our hands are one of the first areas to start showing signs of ageing. Moisture-stripping hand-washes can accelerate this process even further. If you find yourself washing your hands with a soap often, swap it for a gentle and hydrating cleanser like the Calendula Cloud Cleanser

Lastly, remember to always moisturise after washing and sanitising, and apply sunscreen (min. SPF 35) on your hands if you’re stepping out in the sun! What are your tried and tested hand care tips? Tell us in the comments!

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