Summer Skincare Update: Products that are a chill- pill for your skin

Summer Skincare Update: Products that are a chill- pill for your skin

There’s never a better time to declutter your skincare routine than the
sweltering summers where less truly is more. If you’re unsure about
what stays and what goes out of the routine in this seasonal skincare
update, we’ve got you covered.

Minimise your skincare routine, but not the skincare benefits! All you
need are four essential products.

Hydrating serum


All that sweating is sure to leave your skin easily prone to dehydration
and dullness. A hydrating serum comes in super handy! Hydration helps
keep your skin looking plump and radiant. The Multivitamin Super
Hydrator is a fantastic option to ensure your skin stays plump, fresh and

Non-greasy moisturiser

Sweaty summers are no reason to ditch the moisturiser! All you need to
do is switch to a lightweight, fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula instead.
Moisturiser is crucial, regardless of the season as it helps seal in the
hydration and keep your skin healthy and happy. Consider the Barrier
Boost Face Formula, a light and oil-free moisturiser that provides
hydration without making your face look like a glazed donut. In fact,
since this is a serum-moisturiser, you can use only this product and

sunscreen in your AM routine for a super minimalist but power-packed

A soothing cream

This is that time of the year when most of us are likely to experience
inflammation, sunburn and heat rashes. You need a fuss-free, soothing
moisturiser in your arsenal. Something that gently heals and nourishes
your skin as well as allows it to just breathe and chill out! The Calm
Cream is an excellent choice. You can either apply it twice a day or in

your PM routine. And our favourite part? It works wonderfully by itself, as
well as with any actives!

A hard-working sunscreen

While we always insist you wear sunscreen ALL YEAR ROUND,
summers are especially when this bad boy needs to come out. No
excuses. Make sure to choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a
minimum SPF of 50 and generously apply it on any exposed areas

including your ears, neck and back of your neck. If you plan to be
outside, remember to reapply every two hours. And if you need a
sunscreen that stays put despite the sweat and humidity and whatnot,
grab yourself our Hybrid Sun Defence! It’s SPF 55+, offers broad-
spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays, does not leave a
white cast, is water-resistant and suits all skin types!

Do you really need to change your routine as per the seasons? If the
same products work well for you all year round, then probably not.
However, switching up your routine according to the seasons allows you
to nourish your skin adequately, without risking breakouts, barrier-
damage, dullness or even accelerated ageing!

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