#SkinFact:- Your Skin’s PH Balance Will Give You That Healthy Glow. Read To Know More

#SkinFact:- Your Skin’s PH Balance Will Give You That Healthy Glow. Read To Know More

Life is all about balance. If you aren’t trying to perilously balance your work and family life then you are juggling your various health issues with a hectic schedule. Adding to your basket of woes is your skin. For those gifted with radiant skin, that’s one less thing to fuss over, but those who are constantly trying to control acne or are suffering from overly dry skin, we tell you why it is important to balance the pH of your skin.

 Our skin has an acidic film on top with a trippy name called Acid mantle. This Acid mantle acts as a natural protector against environmental polluters, bacteria and viruses. It’s your skin’s first line of protection. A good Ph balance will ensure a healthy acid mantle or for us regular folks – a glowing and radiant skin.

So what does it mean to have a healthy Ph Balance? The ph scale reads from 1 to 14, with 1 being most acidic and 14 being most alkaline. Naturally, that makes 7 neutral. The ideal number for that radiant skin is 5.5. However, many of us range between 4-6.5 on the scale. The trick is to ensure that it doesn’t swing to the extremities of the scale, which will pop up on your face either as acne if its too acidic or dry and wrinkle prone skin if it’s too alkaline.

At the ideal pH (5.5) the skin is able to maintain a good barrier and, together with natural oils, moisturizers and bacteria, function as a true protective defense organ.

For achieving this balance, avoid harsh soaps that are alkaline. Most cheap OTC soaps measure above 9 on the scale. They give you a feeling of being squeaky clean but actually expose your skin to extreme dryness. This would also mean you will be frequently slapping on layers of face & body lotion wondering why your product isn’t working.

While looking for this perfectly balanced soap, I found one international brand with ph 5.5 clearly mentioned on it’s label for Rs 199 at my local pharmacy. I would recommend taking time out to hunt for these gems. You can also use a toner after cleansing that balances your pH. Use one that has antioxidants like vitamin A, C and E and is alcohol free.

For some quick alkaline recovery, mix a few drops of lemon juice or organic apple cider vinegar in half a cup of water, lightly dab it to you face and rinse off. This routine will balance your skin out with minimal effort!

We’ve been telling you to keep your skin neutral to mildly acidic on the surface. But when it comes to nutrition, make sure to eat foods that are more alkaline in nature because that is the inner secret to your outer glow.

It’s important that you fill your diet with food that are alkaline, but don’t ignore the ones that are acidic in nature. To give you a quick overview of the easily available foods that are promote alkalinity or acidity, find the list below.

  1. Acidic – oats, chicken, pepperoni, hot dog, white bread, brown rice, eggs.
  2. Alkaline – tomatoes, apples, carrots, cauliflower, radishes and honey.

Given our  busy schedules, its not easy to look into all these tiny details, but a little care from time to time to maintain the skin's pH will leave your skin looking naturally stunning and healthy.


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