Skincare Essentials for Winter-Proof Skin

Skincare Essentials for Winter-Proof Skin

The weather is starting to cool down, there’s that distinct nip in the air. The season is transitioning into winter, and this change calls for a switch in skincare too. Yep, your skincare needs to change with the seasons. Why? With the dip in temperatures comes a dip in moisture levels in the air. Your skin begins to respond differently to the shift in its surrounding environment, and so the products that worked for you in the summer may not suffice in the winter.

So, how do you update your skincare to suit the winters? Try these easy tips!

Switch to a gentler cleanser

Most of us gravitate towards the harsh, foaming cleansers. After all, who doesn’t love a cleanser that can pull a few punches against dirt, grime and pollution? But in the winter, our skin is already easily prone to dryness and dehydration (yes, even oily skin) and so you need a gentle, creamy cleanser that does its job without stripping off your skin’s natural moisture and oils. Case in point – our Calendula Cloud Cleanser, which is non-foaming, non-drying and perfect for this season.

Add a hydrating serum

A calming, deeply hydrating serum can replenish the moisture content in your skin and keep it healthy and supple. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe, glycerin are your best friends here. Hydrated skin is plumper, brighter and healthier. And with the general dryness in the air, it helps to have one in your routine. Our Multivitamin Super Hydrator is the perfect pick for the job!

Make room for face oils

Face oils are excellent during the winter as they work extra hard to moisturize your skin and keep the hydration sealed in your skin for extended periods of time. They also condition the skin, helping improve texture and keep dullness at bay. The best part? Face oils aren’t just for dry and dehydrated skin alone. Even if you have oily skin, there’s a light, balancing face oil for you! If you’re looking for somewhere to start with face oils, we have two! The Brazil Nut Face Oil is perfect for dry, dehydrated and mature skin, while the Tamanu + Cranberry Seed Face Oil is a must-have for oily, combination and acne-prone skin. 

Don’t forget sunscreen

Even if the weather is mellow and you can hardly feel the sun, don’t skip sunscreen! UVA rays can penetrate even through the clouds, causing sun damage, accelerating moisture loss and leaving you with skin that’s drier, weaker and more easily prone to damage. This is also a good time to switch to dewy and moisturizing sunscreens, like our Hybrid Sun Defence.

 And that’s all the essentials you need for happy, glowy skin all winter-long!



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