Shea Butter To Butter Your Skin

Shea Butter To Butter Your Skin

The yummiest skin loving moisturizing ingredient straight from the forests of Africa, Shea Butter comes from the nuts of the Shea Tree which is considered scared. The nuts are crushed by hand and then slowly roasted into butter.

With 45-50% oleic acid, Shea Butter is a super moisturizer for dry skin and has the ability to heal the skin, stimulate collagen production and is rich in Vitamin E & A. Which means, it’s softens the skin, smoothens those wrinkles out and works on blemishes as well.


This all purpose ingredient can be applied from head (dry scalp) to toe ( cracked heels!) However, to do all of the above, any product formulation will need to have a reasonably high percentage of this ingredient and it should be used in 100% pure unrefined form.

Even though it’s a butter, it melts easily on skin contact. You can mix it with a few drops of almond oil for added Vit E benefit.

With cold months upon us, VAUNT recommends getting your hands on this product as soon as possible. And if you are trekking to the North Pole, make sure you have this in your knapsack as a survival tool

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