Save Your Neck: Skincare For The Most Ignored Area Of Your Body

When it comes to skincare, most of our attention is focused on our face. Followed by the arms and legs. The one area that’s left largely ignored is the one just below your face – the neck and the décolletage. At most, the neck only gets a swipe of any excess face moisturiser.

Why should you give your neck some extra love?

Well, first off, the skin on your neck is more delicate compared to the rest of your body. Therefore, it’s more easily affected by harmful elements.

While we all make it a point to cover our arms and face before stepping out in the sun, the neck and décolletage tends to remain exposed. The leads to dark spots, which in turn leads to premature aging.


What can I do to take care of my neck and chest?

The skin on your neck and chest is not too different from that on your face, and as such what works for your face will work well for these parts too. You just have to give it a little more attention. Follow these steps:

-      Keep it clean: Choose an amino acid rich body wash that’s also gentle on your skin. It’s very easy for dirt to get stuck in those little folds in your neck. Make sure you clean this area thoroughly.

  • Exfoliate: If you want the nutrients to be absorbed well, exfoliating is key.  But very mildly and not everyday. Go for a product that brightens and firms. However, exercising well will also keep this area firm and healthy.
  • Serum: A firming serum will help reverse damage and strengthen the skin. Plus, it’ll prepare your skin for the next product. Starting from the centre of your chest, massage the serum in circular motion moving towards your shoulders. Next, starting from the base of your neck move upwards to your chin.
  • Hydrate: We really do believe that this area needs a little extra boost of nutrients. So, just before you apply moisturiser, gently massage with a hydrating cream/gel. You can choose a natural alternative such as Aloe Vera or flaxseed gel or go for creams enriched with Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Moisturise: While your face moisturiser will work just as well, if you think the skin on your neck and chest is too saggy, wrinkly or sun-affected, go for a firming cream with a denser texture. Rub the moisturiser between your palms until it’s nice and warm, apply in gentle strokes moving upwards from your chest to your chin and ears.
  • The upward motion will also encourage lifting.

-      Sunscreen: Don’t step out without applying at least SPF30 on your neck!

Oh, don’t forget the back of your neck too! And remember, your facial skincare begins from your chest. If you won’t forget to apply foundation on your neck and chest to match your face, you shouldn’t forget the skincare either!


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