Salicylic Acid:- How It Works On Acne

Salicylic Acid:- How It Works On Acne

This is one ingredient that does what it claims:- Controls Acne. Regardless at what age your skin turned on you, your derm has recommended products with this ingredient!

Derived from the bark of a willow tree, Salicylic Acid is a beta hydroxy acid with anti-inflammatory activity. For commercial use like acne soaps, face wash, ointments etc Salicylic Acid is created in laboratories. BHA’s are usually used on oily skin types.


When added to various cosmetic products to treat acne, it helps to dissolve the top layer of the stratum corneum cells i.e Epidermis, improving the look and feel of the skin.

So how does salicylic acid work on acne? It’s anti septic and anti bacterial.

It helps kill the bacteria that create acne, and also helps encourage deep exfoliation, which opens up clogged pores and kills the bacteria inside. Basically it dries up your skin and keeps it from clogging up with excess sebum that results in Acne.

For those with persistent acne, one needs to use it pretty much everyday to keep the oil from clogging the pores. However, repeated use of this may do more harm than good like drying and thinning the area of the skin that it’s applied on.

For remedial use, it’s best to seek professional guidance.



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