“Respect Your Skin”, Alicia Souza On Being Beautiful Inside Out

“Respect Your Skin”, Alicia Souza On Being Beautiful Inside Out

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s no way you could’ve missed Alicia Souza’s adorably quirky and hilarious illustrations. With a smile brighter than a dozen bulbs lit together, 30-year-old Alicia’s personality is as colourful and heart-warming as her art. We steal the Bangalore-based illustrator away from her desk for a quick chat and sneak peek into her daily schedule and how she keeps her skin as radiant as she is.

Alicia started off her journey from nothing, literally. “I knew no one and nothing in the field when I started off. It was painful!”, Alicia reminisces, “I started right out of University in Melbourne, did a few contract jobs, while working random jobs on the side. Then I moved to India to illustrate full-time, and started working as a freelancer a year and a half after moving here”. Obviously, starting out as a full-time illustrator at a time when the country was barely even aware of the concept came with its own set of challenges. Alicia elaborates, “It was challenging not only because I didn’t know anyone, but also because I stepped into this very suddenly. It took a lot of patience, hard-work and challenging myself to do things I didn’t think I could do or wanted to do to get here”. So, what keeps her motivated? “When I started off, it was the fact that I NEEDED to make it work. I didn’t have much of an option. But now, it’s the sheer pleasure of being able to do what I get to do that keeps me going!”


What does a day in the life of everyone’s favourite illustrator look like? “I wake up at 5:30 am to walk Charlie (my dog), then I reply to all my emails, and spend the rest of the day ideating, researching, drawing, colouring, mocking up until 4 p.m. Post that, it’s a mix of personal work, dinner, household chores, some exercise and family time. I sleep by 10 pm. On Fridays, I head to the studio. And Saturday-Sundays are downtime.”

Where does skincare fit into her schedule? Alicia explains, “Because I work from home, I don’t need to put on any makeup, which is a relief! As for my routine, I have normal skin – not too dry, not too oily, fortunately. I stopped using a facial cleanser in the morning after hearing this talk by a dermatologist explaining that cleansing your face in the morning strips your skin away from all the essential oils produced while we’re asleep. Besides, it leads to over-washing which causes breakouts. So I just cleanse, tone and moisturise my face before bedtime. In the mornings, I wash my face with water and follow it up with a moisturiser”. Alicia believes the secret to a truly effective skincare routine lies in respecting your skin. She adds, “I keep my routine really simple. I try not to overdo it. Even when I am trying on new products, I mostly need to know how it makes my skin feel. But, of course, I have a weakness for nice smelling products!” With that in mind, what’s the one skincare product she just can’t live without? The answer is prompt, “Baby oil! I don’t think any makeup remover has impressed as much. I massage it onto my face before applying a cleanser, and it works beautifully!”

Just as we’re about to conclude, we ask Alicia what’s the one skincare advice she’d like to share with everyone, and her reply is thoughtful – “Beauty on the inside, skincare on the outside”.


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