Quick Review:- Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula - Skin Therapy Oil with VitaminE

Quick Review:- Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula - Skin Therapy Oil with VitaminE

At VAUNT  we love to reasearch each product before posting our recommendation. Lets just say.. the VAUNT team is made of research junkies!  So here goes...

We’ve all tried Palmer’s buttery lotions at some point. So when I came across their oil on Amazon India, I  was curious to try it, since I am now consciously trying to move away from other types of moisturizing products.


Q. What does it claim to do?

It works on scars, stretch marks and dry, damaged and uneven skin tone. Also claims to help aging skin. It is non-commedogenic.

Q. What’s in it?

Cocoa Butter!

Q. What’s not in it?

Mineral oil & parabens.

 Q. Fragrance?

Strong overpowering cocoa fragrance. If you dislike this fragrance then stop right here.

If smelling like cocoa is your thing, then read on.

Q. How do you apply it?

Generously massage it into the skin. Since I find the cocoa fragrance a bit too strong for my senses, I blend it with a few drops of coconut oil. Coconut oil and Cocoa Butter oil therapy blended together creates this  gorgeous super hydrating  body oil that absorbs well and gives that added suppleness and elasticity. Coconut oil usually doesn't absorb quickly, but because of the ingredients in the Cocoa Butter Oil, it does not form that oily film on the skin. You can use any other oils except pure essential oils! 

Q. Best Season?

This oil is quite light and absorbs quickly. You could use this at night during the other months of the year. But for winter, a few drops of coconut oil as mentioned will give that extra hydration.

Q.What’s good about it?

So the oil is formulated with natural oils like sesame, argan and sunflower seed oil with added Vitamin E which I absolutely love. Isopropyl Mryisrate ( Ref:- Beauty cauldron) ensures that it doesn’t settle and form a thin layer on the skin but is quickly absorbed. So I hope that by adding coconut oil to this blend, it will act as an added emollient and give that extra nourishment. But if your skin isn’t severely dry, you can use it as it is! 

Q. What’s not good about it? 

Well… for a product that’s espousing the benefits of cocoa butter, it’s star ingredient is actually …wait for it.. Canola Oil! I guess this is how they make low cost products and mark up the price.

Q. Travel Friendly?

Yes, Absolutely.

Q. Verdict:- 

Well, compared to some cheap body moisturizers out there and some expensive yet ineffective body lotions, I will forgive this little canola transgression and continue using it!

As for their claims, I don’t have scars to test that claim on, but the canola oil with cocoa butter helped my dry skin certainly, which felt hydrated and soft most of the day. As for anti-ageing, it appears that this product has a good mix of ingredients like argan and sunflower which are known to work on wrinkles and pigmentation.

Q. Cost?

60ml for Rs442 on Amazon. A bit steep since it's a body oil and you will run out quickly.

Would I repurchase?


Q. Possible allergy for some ingredients?


Q. Natural? Organic? Vegan? Synthetic? 

A blend of natural & synthetic ingredients

Q. Cruelty Free?

Claims to be against animal testing.

If you have tried any body oils, do put in your recommendation below for all our readers!





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