Quick Review:- L'Occitane Hand Cream & Other Products

Quick Review:- L'Occitane Hand Cream & Other Products


Q. What type of hand cream is it?

 It’s for dry skin

Q. Who is it for?

It’s for those who wash their hands very often, have dry and flaky cuticles and hands

Q. What’s in it?

The goodness of 20% Shea Butter.

Q. What’s not in it?

Mineral oil & parabens.

Q. Natural? Organic? Vegan? Synthetic? 

A blend of natural, organic & synthetic ingredients

Q. Cruelty Free?

Possibly in the EU/ US etc. But they do sell in China which requires mandatory animal testing.

Q. Suitable for pregnancy


Q. Possible allergy for some ingredients?


Q. How do you apply it?

Take a coin size amount and massage it in to the hands and cuticles.

 Q. Best Season?

Anytime of the year, but may feel light and ineffective during the dry winter months.

Q. How long was it tested?

1 week at bedtime and during the day.

Q. What’s good about it?

Loccitane Hand Cream is a light formula for those who don’t have severely dry hands and don’t like greasy palms.  It absorbs quickly and you can go about your day activities without leaving a smudge on the glass or  feel like you have butter fingers. Shea Butter works on stretch marks, wrinkles and makes the skin soft & supple and is an excellent moisturising and anti-aging ingredient. However, for Shea Butter to be most effective one needs to use it in it’s raw 100% natural form. Which is also available with this brand or through other brands on various online retail channels.

Q. What’s not good about it? 

For more therapeutic and dry skin relief, I felt I needed a heavier formula for the night and without silicones as one of the important actives. Silicones give products that conditioning and moisturizing effect, but have no real benefit for the skin.

My hands are super dry, so, I prefer The Body Shop Hemp Seed Hand Protector, which I have squeezed within an inch of it’s tube life.  And then who doesn't love some cannabis seed oil :)

The Body shop also uses silcones to enhance that moisturizing effect, but It's still far more effective and perhaps the reason could be the percentage of silicone which is lower in the formula compared to Loccitane when you compare both the ingredient lists.

Q. Verdict

If you have oily skin or want a basic maintenance hand cream, then this is the product for you. Day or Night.  However, if you have dry and chapped skin, I would recommend The Body Shop Hemp Seed Hand Protector instead. It’s also cost effective.  And as an added anti-aging element i mix the hand cream with 100% Argan Oil. 

Q. Cost

I bought the  super size 130ml for Rs 1890.00. A bit steep for this product, but it works well for the day!

Q. Would I repurchase?

Perhaps not. For my dry skin type, I may go back to Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector or test Kiehl's Hand Cream Formula next. 

Quick Note: I also tested the Neutrogena Hand Cream & the Bath & Body Hand cream and was disappointed both times. Former has too much glycerin with no natural oils or vitamins and the latter has a high percentage of mineral oil.




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