Peeking Into A Rockstar’s Routine - A Conversation With Akasa Singh

Peeking Into A Rockstar’s Routine - A Conversation With Akasa Singh


As young kids, we’ve all had at least that passing dream of being a rockstar, singing our way into the hearts of people all over the world. Of course, it was one among the many dreams for our fickle minded selves. But, not for Akasa Singh. The twenty two year old singer from Mumbai always knew she belonged on the stage, mesmerising the crowd, armed with nothing but a microphone.

Akasa Singh started her love affair with the stage when she was a wee twelve year old. By the time she turned 17, she was a part of Bollywood singer Mika Singh’s band as the lead female vocalist. Since then, she has gone on to be one of the top five finalists of Rawstar, and collaborated with Ricky Martin (yep, THAT one). Akasa gushes about her journey so far, “It has been such a rollercoaster ride! I’ve been blessed to have come this far!”.

In an industry, brimming and expanding with musical talent by the second, nothing is as easy as it seems. So, how does she stay ahead of the curve? Akasa explains, “As an artist, we want to be original. The rat race makes it very easy and tempting to fall prey to trends and copy a formula invented and cracked by someone else. All to get noticed? I want my work to outlast these things. I try to avoid giving into what’s “current” and strive to be as unique as possible, by being true to my own sound and performance”.

Her journey, though she feels has just begun, has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. But what has been the greatest challenge? “The toughest thing is not to start, but to continue. In the face of so much competition, so many rejections, sometimes all you want to do is give up,” she explains, “It’s not easy - nothing is certain in this industry, and I have had to face so many disappointments. You just have to keep working relentlessly. Waking up and kicking ass over and over again is important!”

We couldn’t resist asking for a peek into this spirited sunbeam’s life. She grins, “I have a very simple lifestyle. I’m a bit of a night owl. I work most nights and wake up late, much to my mom’s annoyance! I love spending a lot of time cuddling with my pup Treble. I go to the gym based on how my meetings and recordings are placed in the day. I spend my evenings walking my dog, catching up with friends, spending some time with my family and then spending hours trying to sleep at night!”

Being a rockstar is one aspect of Akasa’s life, looking  the part is another. How does she keep her skin flawless and camera ready? “Honestly, I’m a super lazy person. I got into skin care as a habit only a few years back, thanks to a friend. But since then I’ve been obsessed with masks and scrubs and whatnot!”

Us too! And as suckers for some lazy girl beauty hacks, we couldn’t help but pry further. “Nothing elaborate,” Akasa assures us, “I make sure I follow the CTM routine - cleansing, toning and moisturising is an everyday thing for me. And I use a bath oil, right after my shower”. What about skin care must-haves? “Oh, I cleanse my face with a Cetaphil or Epiglow cleanser. Argan Oil for the body and Moroccan Oil for my hair are mandatory. I can’t do without those!” She further adds, “My mother has amazing skin, so I always take tips from her. Drinking a lot of water, using as many natural products on the skin as possible - those are her mantras. In fact, she puts every fruit she eats on her face too!”

And what about pesky skin problems? Akasa replies, “I have been a victim of these uninvited guests known as acne on my face far too often, due to this terrible habit of leaving makeup on for too long or going to bed with makeup still on my face! So, now I make sure that my first order of business once I’m done with the day is to cleanse my face thoroughly and let my skin breathe. I swear by a good thorough facial scrub session twice a week.”

Akasa also shares our belief that nothing quite works to clean up the pores like breaking into a sweat. She tells us, “Working out regularly has really helped me get that glow which many products still haven’t managed to give me. It’s natural and it purifies the skin in the best way possible!”

As a young girl, who has spent so much time in public eye, what ideals of beauty does she uphold? “Beauty for me comes from within. I know it’s a cliche, but you have to be a positive, happy and a kind person on the inside, for any goodness to reflect on the outside!”

It’s easy to see where Akasa’s soulful voice stems from. This girl is all heart.

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