“Own What Your Mama Gave Ya!”, Says Woodstock Witch On Matters Of Beauty & Self-Care

“Own What Your Mama Gave Ya!”, Says Woodstock Witch On Matters Of Beauty & Self-Care

Writer, seeker, tarot card reader, witch – Karishma Rajani’s oeuvre is as varied as it is intriguing. Between talking to the stars and weaving magic with words, she’s always on her toes – juggling from one adventure to another. We snuck in and chatted up with the 27-year-old Bombay-born, Delhi-based cosmic child about all things tarot, self-care and then some more.


According to Karishma, the best things in life are unplanned, and that is how she was pulled into tarot reading. “I was busy pursuing a career in fashion, but the superficiality of it all got to me. I knew I had to do something more”, she tells us. Did she always have her eyes on tarot? “I bought my first deck in college. On a whim! I was working on a sociology project about Tarot Card Readers as a subculture. I didn’t even know what the word meant before that!” She quips. Soon enough, the little witch in her found its way to the mystical side, and it has been an exciting journey for Karishma since then. “Through that project, I met so many wonderful readers and mediums, who moved me to learn the art, or rather the art was revealed to me through them”, she muses.

But, was it an easy journey? Karishma replies, “You want me to be honest? The biggest challenge I faced was self-doubt. When people put so much weight on the direction you give them, it puts pressure on you. The other challenge is protecting your own energy. It’s so easy to take on everybody’s trouble”. So, how does she cope with it? “As they say in the court of law: speak the truth, nothing but the truth. I keep reminding myself that I am ultimately the medium. I have to trust the truth that comes from those moments of clarity and let the truth lead people where they need to be. As for protecting my energy, I take that salt water bath. And draw clear boundaries”.

Karishma is a Libra Lady to the core, which means she shares a love-hate relationship with routine. So, no two days are alike in her world. “I like the freedom of taking each day as it comes. In general, I divide my days between writing horoscopes and giving sessions. Self-work is paramount. So, I try not to skip out on my own meditation. I make sure I have room for creative expression – whether it’s through dancing, painting or whipping up an #instaperfect meal!”. And does skincare hold a place in her life? “I’m now more conscious than ever about what I put inside my body and on my skin. My skin is oily during summers and dry during winters. I used to face acne problems in school, as a result of which I gave up using soap on my skin. That was a turning point.”  What are some of the products she swears by? “During the day, I use natural aloe vera, and during the night I use olive oil with an Organic Harvest Vitamin E essential oil. For my body, natural soap only. "

But, that’s not all. Karishma has a few DIY beauty tricks up her sleeves too! She shares, “I’m a besan-haldi-dahi and multani mitti kind of girl. Trust me, nothing detoxifies the skin and reduces the appearance of pores like a good ‘ol mud pack. But I’ve also started using sandalwood packs lately, and it works like a miracle! In addition, I love my homemade bath salts for when I need to get rid of any stagnant energy, and sugar scrubs for when I’m feeling fancy!”

Even when she’s buying products, Karishma believes in keeping it natural. She tells us, “As a rule, I avoid products with too many chemicals. I keep things natural and simple. If it smells as great as it works, even better!” Skincare is most effective when it’s from within. So, we ask her how she nourishes her body from the inside, “I don’t start my day without green tea or a glass of lemon juice with ginger and turmeric. It detoxifies your body and gets it ready for the new day.”

In closing, we ask Karishma what is the one advice she would give her younger self and young girls everywhere. She smiles, “You’ll learn to love the things you hate about yourself now”. We expected nothing more perfect than this from a girl whose beauty mantra simply goes, “Own what your mama gave ya!”




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