Our Go To Eye Care Tips

Our Go To Eye Care Tips

When it comes to our face, one of the first areas that starts showing signs of wear, tear and strain is our undereye. The skin under our eyes is one of the most delicate skin on our body. This means that lifestyle stressors, environmental aggressors and a general lack of upkeep starts showing almost immediately and can take much longer to recover.

When it comes to the undereye region, our go-to philosophy is – prevention and maintenance is better than cure. Does this mean you need that overpriced undereye treatment product? Probably not. But you do need these tried and tested tips!

Keep it moisturized

The more delicate our skin, the more prone it is to moisture loss. This is why, it’s always extremely important to ensure the skin around your eyes is moisturized. This not only helps keep the skin soft, smooth and refreshed but also strengthen the barrier and minimize possibilities of irritation or dehydration.

Sunscreen up!

To strengthen and protect any part of your skin, the most important thing you need to do is protect it from the UVA/B rays. This is especially true for your undereye. UV exposure can cause brown spots and collagen breakdown, which in turn can affect your skin’s texture, lead to fine lines and wrinkles. And always make sure you’re wearing sunglasses big enough to cover the area around your eyes, whenever you’re outside!

Be gentle

This is the part of your face that needs gentle love and care in every aspect. Right from the products you use to how you apply them. Use a gentle cleanser and massage it gently around your eyes, especially when removing your makeup. While applying skincare products, use your ring finger to massage the product as delicately as possible. And in general, avoid rubbing your eyes. If you’re experiencing irritation, rinse it with cold water or apply cooling pads instead.

Choose your ingredients wisely

The best way for healthier and stronger undereye skin is maintaining it with the right ingredients. Your primary focus should be hydration and strengthening, which in turn will take care of other concerns. To that end, some of the best ingredients for undereye care are:

 Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin and Aloe Vera – to hydrate the skin

Vitamin C – to brighten, tackle discolouration, pigmentation and appearance of dark circles

Vitamin E – to strengthen the skin, maintain elasticity and reduce puffiness

Peptides – to firm the skin around the eye area, diminish appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Can VAUNT products help?

Almost every product in our kitty is formulated to be versatile and multi-benefit, especially for undereye care. You can try:

Multivitamin Super Hydrator to hydrate, strengthen and protect

VC-12 Intermediate Serum to brighten, firm and tackle fine lines

Barrier Boost Face Formula to moisturise and repair

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