Isopropyl What? Why you need to know about this ingredient

Isopropyl What? Why you need to know about this ingredient

Most ingredients are self-explanatory. But there are a few that require research as is the case with Isopropyl Myristate. Here are some of it's salient  features...

There are plenty of ingredients that we easily recognise by name, but there are few that we can hardly pronounce let alone understand its properties and application.

Isopropyl Myristrate is one such ingredient amongst a thousand of them, casually listed on labels that we know very little about. So what is this active used for?


Isopropyl Myristrate is a synthetic emollient, moisturiser and skin softener that assists in product penetration. i.e it helps other ingredients penetrate the skin and increase the efficacy of the product.

Isopropyl Myristrate is an ester of isopropyl alcohol and myristic acid

It helps to improve the texture of the product and thicken formulations, which give creams, shampoo, lotions and glossies that luxurious dense feel. Isopropyl Myristrate is also used as a solvent in many products.

So it is safe? It is largely considered quite safe unless it is used in conjunction with some harmful ingredients thus increasing its propensity to penetrate the skin.

Caution: Isopropyl Myristrate is however known to clog pores, so perhaps those with oily skin may want to watch out for break outs after a few applications.

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