Is Your Vanity Case Travel Friendly?

Is Your Vanity Case Travel Friendly?

Whether you’re planning to be a beach bum or mountain girl, your jet-setter life doesn’t have to say au revoir to the basic necessities.

Passport: check. Visa: Done. Flight: on time. Skincare: Maybe take a hike? Just because you are on holiday, that doesn’t mean your beauty regimen should be on one too. Add these handy essentials to your travel backpack and continue looking like the flawless diva you’re made to be.

1. Dry Shampoo
Let’s face it, being on the road doesn’t give us the luxury of washing our hair as often as we’d like. Dry shampoo eliminates this process and is a one-step solution to flat and greasy hair. With just a few spritz on the roots, dry shampoo absorbs the oils, leaving you with fresh and fabulous smelling hair. Compact in size, this miracle bottle will fit right in your handbag.

2. Facewash
Don’t let your skincare routine fly just because you are. Traveling means your face is going to be subject to more dirt and grime than normal. A small, easy-to-carry tube of facewash can help you feel fresh instantly as well as keep pores from clogging.

3. Wipes
Escaping balmy Jamaica or chilly Iceland? Don’t fret when you have these handy. Wipes make for easy refreshers. They come in antibacterial variants with Vitamin E and can even act as makeshift makeup removers. They’re also perfect for when you are backpacking with friends for days without a good shower in sight.

4. Sheet masks
This lazy girl’s facial is simply a thin cotton sheet doused in a liquid-based formula that claims to moisturize, hydrate, brighten, and even treat fine lines.

5. Sunscreen
It’s critical to always stay sun safe! Whether you’re going to be having fun in the sun or chilling, quite literally, in the mountains, sunscreen is your go-to for ensuring that your skin stays safe and healthy. Make sure you apply some 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun and reapply every two hours to keep your skin fabulous.

6. BB cream
Being a backpacker doesn’t always allow the luxury that is unlimited space. Why bother carrying multiple skin products when you can get it all in a BB cream tube? It covers blemishes, evens out skin tone and keep the facial skin moisturised and hydrated.

7. Deodorants / Body Mist
Wherever in the world you may be heading towards, a deodorant imperative to stay and feel fresh. Invest in a non-alcoholic deo so it doesn’t excessively dry your skin out. If you are averse to Deodorants then a mild body mist should do the trick.

8. Lip balm
Keep chapped, dry lips at bay with a handy little lip balm that will keep your pucker hydrated and perfected throughout your trip. One with mild tint can also act as a light lip colour for the day. What’s more? Just applying a little bit of the lip balm to the apples of your cheeks can also make a handy blush.

What’s your travel backpack missing? Comment and tell us!
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