Is Contouring Overrated? Fuss Free Guide To Makeup Application To Look Sweet This Month!

Is Contouring Overrated? Fuss Free Guide To Makeup Application To Look Sweet This Month!

Christmas is around the corner and so are big feasts, family reunions and parties! Read this to look sweet like your marzipans...

We all love applying makeup but are often clueless when it comes to understanding the sequence of various product applications. So let's break it down and make it simple.


While it is usually the norm for women to start off with the foundation, I usually prefer to start off with the eye makeup once I’m done prepping my skin with my CTM routine and applying the base primer, and here is why...


When we apply eyeshadow, some products (not all) have fallout. By that I mean, particles of the eyeshadow fall off and get onto our cheeks. If this happens after we have applied our base makeup, there’s going to be a bit of cleaning and re-application which will not only be more work for you but will also give you an unclean finish. And who wants that!


It is extremely important to find a shade that matches your skin tone. Now here I would like to mention that, when you’re looking out for shades, it’s best to try it near the jaw line and not the back of your palm or wrist. Picking a tone not matching your shade will not just look mortifying but also appear unprofessional. The shade also needs to match the tone of your neck. Another tip would be to start off with little product and then build up depending on the coverage you want. Different brands have different coverage, so the number of layers will depend on how you prefer it.


What goes on first, foundation or concealer? Always been confused about it? If you ask around, you’re going to get different answers, I did too. But based on my experience as a make up artist, I recommend the foundation first and then the concealer. Once I’ve worked in my base application, I then gauge how much concealer would be needed to cover any visible blemishes. Another thing that happens is if I conceal first, I would need to apply the foundation on top of it and blend it in, the concealer tends to get washed off.


Contouring has become a beauty buzzword and as a makeup artist, I feel that this technique is overrated.

Known as a technique that gives shape to an area of the face and enhances the facial structure. I like to get done with my contouring with a cream based product. I do this step at this particular point because once I’m done with it, I like to go over my makeup with a translucent powder to set it in. And powdering can only be done after application of cream based products.  Makeup is meant to enhance your features and not to look like a whole new you. The jawline, nose, and cheekbones can be contoured, but it's not something I’d do on an everyday basis. The NYX Wonder Stick priced at INR 835 is a product I’d recommend if you are interested in experimenting.

Eye Liner/ Mascara

This is when I go back to my eyes and complete the look with kajal, liner, and mascara. For my eyeliner, I lean towards a gel based one as an application is easier and I have more control over my strokes, with a brush.


This is one product that can really make you look and feel alive. If you have oily skin, its best to use a powder blush. Whereas, if it’s on the drier side, a cream based one will work better(if you’re using a cream based blush, make sure you apply it before you set your makeup with a translucent powder). Since I have oily skin, I use the Ben Nye Rouge Palette that comes with 8 powder shades of pinks and corals that will work on most skin types. It’s a palette I’d totally recommend investing in.


Read a lot about highlighting but you still fail to understand? In simple words, it’s a makeup product that attracts light and creates the illusion of brightness and height. When I use it, I apply it to the highpoints of the face- cheekbone, below the arch of the eyebrow, bridge of the nose(to make it appear slimmer) and on the cupids bow (to make my lips look poutier).


As always, I leave the best for the last!  Being a lipstick junkie, this is the part I look forward to the most. I start by using a lip balm (on most days it’s Vaseline) and then use a lip liner. Now what most of you do is line your lips and then go on to the lipstick. I usually line it and then fill my lips up with the the liner. This works as a great base for the lip shade and helps it last longer. Then I go onto my lipstick and since I’m more of a matte person, I place a piece of tissue over it and dab some translucent powder- this soaks up the oils. And voila, you have a no-transfer, kiss-proof lipstick.

Hope you enjoyed this guide and stay tuned for my next piece on how to take your makeup off without damaging your skin!

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