Ingredient Spotlight: Niacinamide

Ingredient Spotlight: Niacinamide

While as a skincare brand, we try not to have favourites when it comes to skincare ingredients, we can’t help but feel extra-biased towards one skingredient in particular. And that one is Niacinamide.


We love products, formulations and ingredients that are versatile, multi-benefit and work well for all skin types (well, almost all skin types). And Niacinamide ticks off all those boxes and then some more.

If you’re looking for reasons to add this superstar skingredient to your skincare routine, we’ll give you some!


Age control

While aging is inevitable and not a bad thing, it doesn’t hurt to slow down the process or embrace routines that help us age gracefully as well as tackle early signs of aging. Niacinamide helps fight factors that lead to the breakdown of skin cells and keep premature signs like discolouration, lines and age spots at bay.


Control redness and blotchiness

Niacinamide is anti-inflammatory in nature, which means that it’s a superhero for anyone whose skin is inflamed, prone to redness and blotchiness. Compared to other actives, Niacinamide is far soothing on the skin. It helps improve your skin’s hydration which further assists in tackling redness.


Tackle acne

Once again, Niacinamide’s anti-inflammatory benefits come to the rescue and help control acne and the inflammation that comes with it.


Oil control

Niacinamide can help regulate the oil produced by our sebaceous glands and save your skin’s oil production from going into overdrive. A healthy oil balance means a healthy barrier and fewer to no breakouts.


Barrier repair & nourishment

Niacinamide helps build keratin, a type of protein known to keep our skin firm and healthy. In addition, it’s also involved in improving your skin’s natural ability to produce ceramides, which in turn improves your skin’s ability to retain moisture, which in turn improves your skin textures, minimizes appearance of pores and boosts your skin’s ability to withstand damage.


Gentle enough for sensitive skin

We know how daunting finding the best serums for sensitive skin can be, and so we would say that when in doubt, go for a low-concentration Niacinamide (up to 5%).


How to include Niacinamide in a skincare routine?

The best part about this is it’s so easily available and works in such a wide range of formulations – from cleansers to serums to sunscreens! You can always go with what your own preference is. But if you’re looking for an easy and effective starting point, we have not one but 3 Niacinamide products!


Multivitamin Super Hydrator: A wholesome hydrating, multi-benefit serum that’s perfect in your morning skincare routine! It contains Niacinamide along with skin-loving probiotics to give you dewy, supple and healthy skin!

Barrier Boost Face Formula: Considering Niacinamide’s barrier-boosting goodness, coupled with bakuchiol, ceramides, lipids and amino acids – this is the perfect pick to heal damaged skin, improve your skin texture and just level up your overall skincare regime effortlessly!

The Complete Body Lotion: Why should Niacinamide’s benefits be limited to your face alone! Give your body all the brightening, firming, age-control benefits of Niacinamide with this light but power-packed body lotion that also contains lipids, fatty acids, Vitamin E and aquaporin for – as the name suggests – complete care!



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