Ingredient Spotlight: Lactococcus Ferment Lysate

Ingredient Spotlight: Lactococcus Ferment Lysate

When it comes to ways to achieve healthy skin, bacteria may not be one of the first things to come to anyone’s mind. But, if you ask us, it should. Allow us to introduce you to Lactococcus Ferment Lysate.

“Lacto-what now?” – you, probably

What’s Lactococcus ferment lysate?

Lactococcus ferment lysate (LFL) is a skin ingredient and a probiotic that’s known for its highly intelligent interactions with our skin cells. It can communicate with our skin cells and help with healthy production of peptides which are not only vital to stronger, plumper skin but also maintain a healthy skin flora.

What does it do?

Helps make new skin cells

LFL helps improve skin cell turnover. But that’s not all! It also ensures that the health and life cycle of new skin cells is at its best.

Boosts skin barrier

Our favourite thing about LFL is the role in plays in improving barrier function. Studies suggest that LFL helps strengthen the protective skin barrier found on the outermost surface of the skin i.e. the epidermis as well as thicken the stratum corneum, providing barrier recovery and overall skin renewal.

Balances the skin microbiome

Just like our gut has its own microbiome, so does our skin. It contributes to optimal and effective barrier function along with improving skin tone and elasticity, while also preventing potential breakouts.

Helps tackle irritation and signs of aging

LFL is known to provide deep hydration. In addition, it’s also excellent with increasing cell turnover, which reduces dullness, wrinkles and other signs of aging and damage. In addition, it also helps reduce redness and irritation,

Where to find it?

You don’t have to go too far to get this skin-superstar in your routine! Our new & improved Multivitamin Super Hydrator contains LFL as one of the active ingredients. Click here to get it now.

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