How To Rain Proof Your Make-Up

How To Rain Proof Your Make-Up

The worst thing about getting caught in an unexpected downpour, is the havoc it wreaks on your beautifully made-up face! We have a list of tips that can help you prevent that.

It’s tough enough to stay dry when it’s pouring without having to worry about makeup running down your face in unsightly streaks. While it may not be the wisest idea to step out with layers of make-up, going completely barefaced isn’t an option either. But while an unfortunate splash of rainwater on your face could cause your makeup to dissolve and run, there are ways to keep the worst at bay.


Here’s a list of essential tips, tricks, and tools you need for flawless weather-resistant make-up.

Primer Is The Key

Be it any season, a primer is very important to make your makeup last longer. Since monsoon is the time, when you have the fear of your makeup getting washed out, choose a primer according to your skin type. A primer preps up your face and enhances the look of your makeup in a natural manner.

Waterproof Eye Makeup

Dry, powdery eye shadow formulas will flee the quickest. For the time being, skip your Kajal and use waterproof colored eyeliners. Waterproof mascaras will ensure that you do not end up with raccoon eyes. Say no to liquid eyeliners and choose a gel or dry eyeliners as liquid liners are prone to get washed away in rains.

Say NO to foundations

With the humidity and moisture, applying layers of thick foundation is only going to make the matters worse. It’s always better to opt for BB creams or tinted moisturizers during monsoon. To achieve that flawless look, use a concealer to hide away all those flaws. Use a compact powder to make your makeup long lasting.

Ditch Your Powder Eye Shadows

Powder eye shadows and blushes have greater chances of being washed away by the rains than creamy ones. The creamy texture of eyeshadows and blushes would make sure that they blend better into your skin and give a natural look that lasts for the longer period. Make sure you blend properly so that there are minimal chances of getting off.

Go Matte

Avoid those glossy and creamy lipsticks during monsoon. Use matte tints instead of glossy or creamy ones for your lips. Mattes have higher staying power. Glossy or creamy tints may bleed due to the humidity and moisture whereas mattes with dry formula stay put on for the whole day.

Makeup Spray – Your Ultimate Solution

Finally, the last and most important step in your makeup routine during monsoons should be to use a good makeup spray. Just like a primer, a setting spray makes your makeup spill proof for a great amount of time. So, seal your makeup with a makeup setting spray.

Waterproof makeup is a great thing to have on hand during monsoon, but it’s always a smart idea to choose minimal makeup and stick to products that can weather the storm of humidity, such as waterproof liner and mascara, and lip stains rather than lipstick, to last throughout the day. So, save your makeup with these hacks and enjoy monsoon.

If you have any tips to water proof your makeup, then list them down in our comment section to share with the community.

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