How to Choose the Right Moisturiser for Your Skin Type

How to Choose the Right Moisturiser for Your Skin Type

In our earlier blog (which you can read here, in case you missed it), we spoke about the importance of moisturisers for ALL skin types. If we’ve had you convinced, and you’re in the market for a moisturiser, chances are you’ll feel pretty confused. 

After all, there are so many options to choose from. And how do you even know which is the right one for you? Don’t worry. We’ve got this handy guide on how to choose a moisturiser according to your skin type! 

Dry skin

To nourish dry, flaky skin, quench it with moisturisers rich in moisturising and emollient ingredients such as ceramides, shea butter and wholesome super-seed oils like Rosehip, Argan or Squalene. These will smoothen your skin, nourish it, and add the glow your dry skin has been longing for.

Oily skin

In order to balance out the right amount of oil and moisture production, pick lightweight creams that are non-greasy or gel-based. Search for products containing hyaluronic acid in a creamy, serum or gel like formula to guarantee secured hydration while avoiding the greasiness. The Barrier Boost Face Formula is an excellent pick for your skin type!

Combination skin 

It can get confusing when it comes to picking out the right moisturiser for combination skin type. Should you choose between a product that will help you heal those dry patches or something to help you maintain your oily skin? The solution to this is selecting a lightweight moisturiser and applying more of it to the dry areas of your skin as compared to the naturally oily parts of your skin. A light facial oil could also work wonders for your skin type. 

Sensitive skin

We suggest using moisturisers with a focus on soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits. Be on the lookout for gentle products containing ingredients like Calendula, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Jojoba, Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil. The Calm Cream is a great pick for those with sensitive skin. 

As always, remember to patch test any new product. And make sure you support your moisturiser with the right kind of care, such as using non-stripping cleansers, going easy on exfoliation and strong actives, wearing sunscreen and following a healthy lifestyle! 

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