How I knew I damaged my skin’s barrier (and fixed it)

How I knew I damaged my skin’s barrier (and fixed it)

No matter how discerning you are, sometimes the craze around trending products, too many actives and elaborate routines that the skin doesn’t really need gets to even the best of us. Well, it got to me at least. The next thing I know, my skin barrier had unceremoniously left the chat.

I watched, I learnt, I figured out ways to fix it, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.


Here’s how I realized my barrier was damaged.

Easily irritated

Products, especially serums, that I have been using without a problem for the longest time was now causing irritation, leaving behind a stinging or burning sensation.


The more I moisturized, the less of a difference it made. No matter what I did, my skin was constantly parched, with patches of dry flaky skin cropping up on my face.


Oily skin was never a problem before. But the break in my skin’s barrier meant my skin’s oil production was also off the charts. This is closely tied to dehydration, as lack of moisture gives our skin cells the signal to produce more oil to make up for the loss.

Stubborn acne

With the dehydration and the excessive oiliness came acne. Now this was the most challenging part, as due to my already fragile skin, using any anti-acne solution would only make matters worse!

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