How Do Skincare Products Affect Our Pores?

How Do Skincare Products Affect Our Pores?

How well do you know your skin? Get real world answers from our in-house skin expert  Dr Pravin Banodkar as he tells us everything you need to know about your pores & pimples! 

Dr Pravin Banodkar

D.N.B Dermatology


Q. What are pores? Do they really open or shrink themselves?

Pores are small openings in the skin that release the sweat and oil. Their opening is controlled by the collagen around the base of the pores. As you age or if one does many pressure treatments on the skin like comedone extraction the collagen gets damage and the support for the pores is lost. This causes them to open even more.

Q. How do skincare products affect the pores?

Pores can shrink if one does collagen-based treatments like using creams that promote collagen stimulation and growth or micro needling procedures. Using collagen stimulating products like serums and creams help shrink pores.

Q. What are blackheads and do open pores affect them in anyway?

Blackheads are clogged oil glands that build upon the skin if one doesn’t exfoliate the skin, or if one applies heavy makeup or steroids on the skin on a long term. Frequent removal of the blackheads by pressure can cause open pores.

Q. Does plucking blackheads with fingers aggravate them? Best way to keep them at bay?

Yes, plucking with fingers aggravates them. Best way to keep blackheads away is to have an exfoliation regime in your daily skincare routine.

Q. What is the process of pimple formation?

Pimples form due to pre-existing whiteheads and blackheads, which consist of blocked and hardened sebum deep within the pores. These become inflamed due to dead cells that line the hair follicle and bacteria play an added role to increase the inflammation.

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