Couples That Do Skincare Together, Stay Together: Into the Routines of Jason Wadhwani and Samantha Dsouza

Jason Wadhwani and Samantha Dsouza’s meet-cute is something straight out of a romantic comedy. The two met as groomsman and bridesmaid at a wedding and hit it off from the get go. The rest, as they say, is history. Jason has been running his own architecture and interior design venture for over a decade now, while Samantha’s sought-after salon in Bandra is in its sixth successful year. They let us into their lives to share their love for entrepreneurship, skincare and then some more.

It’s easy to see that both of them are creative forces, and it reflects in their chemistry too. “We’re constantly learning from each other,” says Jason. “I can appreciate the aesthetics of a room much better now and he knows the meaning of words like ombre and balayage,” Samantha tells us. “It’s very important for a relationship to be able to turn to each other for help and advice,” they share.

Both have admitted to having sensitive skin, which is why skincare holds an important spot in the couple’s life. But, how do they make time for it when their jobs require them to be on their toes non-stop? Jason walks us through his routine, “I start off with a face wash – before or during shower, followed by a moisturiser after. I apply eye cream when I’ve had a late night, as I tend to get dark circles. And hand cream every night. That’s about it.” Samantha shares hers, “I start with a face wash, followed by a clear face gel by Sebamed. Then I put on my Clarins sunscreen and finish with a Clinique under-eye cream – a product I love. It not only reduces dark circles but also makes the eyes look better!”

Jason is an Aesop enthusiast with a distinct preference for natural and earthy products, while Samantha is all about French skincare. However, that doesn’t stop them from raiding each other’s stash. “I use his hand cream, because it’s so much better than mine. While he uses my face pack!” they laugh.

When asked about the rather specific choices, Samantha explains, “I have tried and tested everything. I used to use a lot of Kiehl’s products, but I felt that it wasn’t doing anything for my skin. I tend to break out a lot, so I decided to switch.” Samantha swears by French skincare brand Caudalie, “I was traveling with a friend last year. And she made me try this product. For the ten days that I used Caudalie products, my skin was WOW! Their face packs, glycolic peel and pore minimiser masks are the best. But, the Origins black charcoal mask is my go-to. I have been using it for 10 years.” As for Jason’s love of all things Aesop, “I first saw their products at a friend’s house. And as a designer, I was lured by the packaging! But, when I actually bought the product and started using it, it just worked. Their products are gentle and not very fragrant, which works for my super-sensitive skin. I love the aqueous moisturiser, but my go-to product is the Aesop’s face cleanser!”. “Speaking of moisturiser,” Samantha adds, “There’s this moisturiser called emolien, which you get at the chemist. My dermatologist prescribed it. It’s brilliant! So, what I’m saying is that it doesn’t always have to be a high-end brand.”

The couple’s skincare principle is simple: the milder, the better. Samantha says, “I’ve stopped impulse buying at duty-free. It’s better to just stick to what works for you.” And what advice would they offer as entrepreneurs? Jason replies, “I would say – just stick with it. There will be horrible times, but if you’re good at what you do, your work will get recognised at some point.” Samantha advices, “Be your own competition. Don’t compete with anyone else. Be the best that you can and have no regrets!”





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