Blend Away To A Seamless Finish!

 Blend Away To A Seamless Finish!

The one thing we want  when we attempt to experiment with makeup  is to achieve that flawless, seamless finish without having to put in too much effort or deal with ten types of makeup brushes. This is exactly why Beauty Blenders are the ultimate makeup must-have. Makeup Blenders have been around for a long while now. They have constantly changed their shape and with time have become a staple in our makeup kits.

Here is why you need them…

Flawless Finish

The best foundations can look cakey if not applied properly. Rather than just using your fingers, use a beauty sponge to ensure a flawless overall look. I am sure you’ve heard makeup gurus on YouTube use the word "STIPPLING" . This is a technique where you use the sponge to dab the product onto your face to ensure that the makeup is evenly distributed on your face. Beauty sponges are mainly great for people with dry skin, as they do not allow the foundation to cling on to dry patches. Instead, it blends in the foundation in seamlessly and at the same time picks up excess product.

Multipurpose Makeup Tools

Beauty sponges can be used in a number of ways, from applying foundation and contouring your cheekbones, to concealing those blemishes and blending in your highlight. Once your sponge is no longer safe to use on your face, you can also use it to create ombré nails. Just apply once base coat on your nails, then using the sponge just dab on another colour on the tips of your nails. And you have an effortless ombré nail. Thus one sponge has multiple usages. This isn't the case when it comes to brushes. With brushes you need a particular type for your foundation, a narrow one for contouring and so on and so forth.

It Can Get At Hard To Reach Areas

Another great feature of a beauty sponge is that it is extremely flexible. It is great for blending in concealer even in hard to reach, delicate corners of your face, because it has a tip. This would include the areas around the nose and eyes which can be difficult to get to with a brush.

Even Coverage

Beauty sponges give you a more sheer & even coverage as compared to application with your fingertips. While using your fingertips is the easier option, you could most often end up applying more product than required. In the end however, whether to use a beauty sponge or not falls up to personal preference.

Avoids Wastage

We are all aware that beauty comes with a pretty steep price tag. The last thing we would want is to waste any of our precious makeup. Beauty sponges ensure that you don’t use too much of product. The dabbing motion ensures you have a well-blended base and the excess product is picked up. Therefore, you can use less foundation and still get an even coverage. So it is a win win situation where you say "bye bye cake face and hello to savings".


It doesn’t get simpler than this when it comes to using a beauty sponge. Being gentle is key. Beauty sponges can be used wet or dry.

Using a wet sponge ensures that your base is flawless because it picks up the entire excess product. In order to use it wet you have to place the dry sponge under running water till it is damp. Then you can carefully squeeze out the excess water and your sponge would have doubled in size and is ready to use. This is possible because these days’ sponges are made with hydrophilic foam. This material soaks up the water and therefore does not soak in too much foundation. This in turn helps you not to waste too much product and yet achieve a seamless base.


Keep in mind that the sponge needs to be washed after each use. You may use a mild soap (baby shampoo) to ensure all the grime is out. Washing your beauty sponge after each use ensures it does not become a breeding ground for bacteria. Once it is washed, let it air dry and it will be ready for it's next use. One sponge can be washed and reused up to six months, post that you will need to dispose it.

Depending on your skin type and makeup needs, there are several types of makeup sponges you can choose from.

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