Beauty Buzzwords For Every Beauty Enthusiast

Beauty Buzzwords For Every Beauty Enthusiast

With beauty trends changing faster than the weather, keeping track of the latest buzz can get overwhelming. The cosmetics industry is constantly spending more on advertising than any other trade. What’s interesting is the shared, almost universal language in cosmetics advertising. 2017 has been chock-a-block full of bold, brave and beautiful beauty trends that have broadened beauty vocab too. Here are few new terms that can be attributed to trending Instagram hashtags, as well as inspiration. Which ones do you recognize?


Stem Cells

Don't worry. Human stem cells are not used for skin care. Rather, plant stem cells are thought to replenish the environment in which our stem cells live, thereby re-triggering regenerative functions and encouraging the cell to behave in a younger manner. This then reflects on the features of the skin. Think, a younger, improved complexion.


The beauty privy—One mask is never enough! It’s imperative to layer your products for the best results. This new Instagram skin care craze is simply unbelievable. Multi-maskers provide different treatments at the same time and thus results in giving a customized and polished skin.

Negative Space Nail-art

Beauty enhances in simplicity. Often, no polish is the best way to look polished. At present, they’re the new black of nail art! Negative space nail art is an incredibly versatile design that perfectly suits every age and style. It looks fantastic, from pastels to bright and can be done in any pattern. They’re modifiable, it’s no wonder this look has been trending.


The ponytail-bun can stretch from a sleek top knot, to a messy bun or to a wedding updo, with some several cute styles in between. It’s basically a sophisticated version of a low knot. Simply pull your hair into a ponytail, part them into two sections and tie them into a knot & wrap the knot around itself. Get a messy look by pulling out the ends.


Today every girl owns a flat iron and know how to create waves with a straightener, but can’t quite master ‘flawless’ waves. The undone waves that just feels incredibly chic and was also seen on the runway this season. It gives your hair some texture without the volume. Just plait your hair and run a flat iron over it for those cool beachy waves. We can use this hack for those days when our hair just refuses to behave and get all set to have a good hair day!

Cut Creasing

Neutral eyes are not meant to be boring! The striking cut creasing look is created using all neutral shades and delivers a very dramatic flair which is spectacular. Basically, such shades look good on everyone with vivid appearance. It makes the eyes look bigger and sexier. It’s very easy too, just cut a fine line across the crease of the eyelid with a dark pencil and blend into the Eyeshadow. And you are done!





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