Back To Basics II

Back To Basics II

Dr Pravin Banodkar

D.N.B Dermatology

How well do you know your skin? Get real world answers from our in-house skin expert!

Q. How does the skin regenerate itself?

The epidermal layer is like a constant engine of cells. The epidermis keeps shedding in layers every 25 to 28 days. The cells keep growing from the base upwards forming new skin every month. The dermis keeps absorbing water and hydrating the collagen and regenerating.

Q. What is Sebum? Why do some people secrete more oil than the others?

Sebum is the oil secreted by the oil glands present in the skin. The excess sebum seen in some skin types can be due to presence of hormonal stimulation called androgen stimulation or can also be due to inherent genetic over activity of the oil gland.


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