“Ayurveda helped me regain my health and understand my body”, Siddharth Arora of PureCure + Co.

A hectic, high-stress career spanning across a timeline of 15 years pushed Siddharth Arora to drop everything and start over. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to explore his love for natural approaches and remedies, he moved from Mumbai to Coimbatore to study Ayurveda full-time. PureCure + Co. – Siddharth’s Ayurvedic Wellness Company – is the result of this love for natural approach growing and blooming under the light of a wealth of knowledge. We ask Siddharth to walk us through the incredible journey of his brand.

“I’m a management and economics graduate from the University of London. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 15 years, operating in the tech space,” he tells us. The transition from tech to Ayurveda may seem absurd to most but was the most obvious shift for Siddharth. He shares, “PureCure + Co. was born out of my first-hand experience of the repercussions of modern lifestyle on health. After I quit my business, I enrolled into The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy in Coimbatore – one of India’s best-known Ayurveda institutions. There, I was introduced to the logic of Ayurveda and understood it as a science.”

Siddharth’s education on the depth and width of Ayurveda changed his perception and approach to health entirely. “I realised that something as innocuous as a pimple on your face could be a symptom of a compromised kidney! I learned to look beyond the symptoms, to the real causes of a disease and find ways to solve the root cause of problems instead of the problem itself. Ayurveda helped me regain internal health and understand my body.” It felt only fair to Siddharth to share the fruits of this wisdom with anyone who needs it. Thus, PureCure + Co. has become home to some of the most thoughtfully-crafted and carefully-curated products under the watchful eyes of veterans in Ayurveda. “We created a board of experienced Ayurvedic doctors who provide potent compositions that work. We are fanatical about the quality of raw materials and production processes. Our facilities are certified and our doctors ensure that all production is done as per traditional processes,” he elaborates.

We ask him about GLOW – a PureCure bestseller and what you can easily call a magic pill for great skin. He grins, “It’s a fantastic composition of 45 powerful herbs! Like everything in Ayurveda, it targets the root of the problem and takes a holistic approach to skincare. It purifies the blood, detoxifies the body and improves circulation. The result is healthy skin and a clear complexion.”

How has this shaped his own skincare routine? Siddharth replies, “My skincare routine is to approach things inside out. Drinking sufficient water and detoxing once a month are the most important aspects of my skincare. Of course, on a daily basis, I ensure my skin is clean and moisturised”. You’ll never catch him without his two skincare essentials – Kama Ayurveda Rose Mist and Lab Series Pro LS Moisturizer.

For Siddharth, wellness and good health begins from within, by striking that inner-balance. And so, he swears by meditation. He tells us, “If you can create some headspace and learn to sort the clutter in your mind, you’ll have the awareness to take care of your body and your work in the best way possible.”


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