6 Skincare pairings we love, and you will too

6 Skincare pairings we love, and you will too

The secret to a successful skincare routine rests not only in the products you use, but the combination of ingredients you use (or don’t, for that matter). While certain products and ingredients are likely to counteract with each other, there are some pairings that can help you make the most of each individual product, while also helping you achieve the skin of your dreams.

So, what are the pairings that #TeamVAUNT loves? Read on to find out.

Vitamin C + Vitamin E

This one has been a favourite since the beginning. Both are potent antioxidants that deserve a special spot in every skincare routine. But together? It’s one of the most efficient duos. Vitamin C is known to brighten skin tone, fight free radicals and even help boost collagen production. Meanwhile, Vitamin E helps hydrate, soothe, and plump up your skin. Most of us know that Vitamin C by itself can be unstable, but Vitamin E helps balance the overall formulation. More than that, both vitamins are known for their robust protection from free radical damage. And having this duo in your arsenal could be the ultimate weapon against sun damage!

Vitamin C + Sunscreen

Not a day goes by without us emphasizing the importance of sunscreen, come rain or shine. Want to take protection from sun & free radical damage to the next level? Add Vitamin C to your morning routine. Vitamin C helps neutralize free radicals and when used under a sunscreen, can effectively protect you from UVB-induced damage as well as sunburn! Our personal favourite combination is the Vitamin C Water and Hybrid Sun Defence (which is also the ultimate lightweight but wholesome routine for sweaty summers)!

Vitamin C + Peptides

If you’re noticing a pattern… what can we say, Vitamin C really is THAT skincare ingredient. You already know that it helps boost collagen production, which in turn promotes improved skin elasticity and gives you plumper skin. Want to take this to the next level? Pair it with peptides. Peptides are considered to be the building blocks of proteins, like collagen, which is responsible for firm, youthful and supple skin. Peptides, by sinking deep into the skin cells, help growth and repair, further encouraging firmer skin. Pairing Vitamin C and peptides together can not only give you complexion-improving benefits, but also help you achieve smoother, stronger skin. Sounds awesome, right? That’s what we thought too! Which is why we made a whole serum about it. The VC-12 Intermediate Serum comes power-packed with Ethyl Ascorbic Acid and tri-peptides!

Niacinamide + Salicylic Acid

This is a prayer answered for those struggling with acne, pigmentation, and dullness. There’s very little Niacinamide cannot do – right from minimizing acne, redness, and pigmentation to strengthening the skin barrier. Meanwhile Salicylic Acid is just what you need to ramp up your anti-acne regimen. However, we all know Salicylic Acid can be drying on the skin. When used with Niacinamide, this particular concern is effectively taken care of. Not only does this pair give you a more holistic defence against acne, but also soothes and hydrates your skin. In addition, Niacinamide is also known to help improve the skin’s tolerance of ingredients like Salicylic Acid, especially among those with sensitive skin.

Here are some VAUNT pairings you can try:

For Face: Complete Cleanse + Barrier Boost Face Formula

For Body: Complete Cleanse + Complete Body Lotion


However, always make sure you introduce each product into your routine one at a time, and patch the combination together for a few days.


Ceramides & Fatty Acids

The skin barrier aka the outermost layer of epidermis is the skin barrier. The skin barrier is made of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids aka the lipid matrix. Why is this important knowledge? Two reasons: a. a healthy barrier is the foundation of healthy skin. No product will work on a compromised barrier. And your skin is more prone to acne, pigmentation, rapid ageing, if the skin barrier is compromised; b. as time passes, your skin loses its natural ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids. This is why barrier care is the cornerstone of any skincare routine, no matter your skincare goals! To that end, one of the key steps you can take is incorporating the lipid matrix into our routine. The Barrier Boost Face Formula and Brazil Nut Face Oil are the perfect duo to help you achieve stronger skin and maintain its structural integrity.

Niacinamide + Probiotics + Antioxidants

If you know us, you know how we love a versatile combination that can pack a punch. This trio has been flying under the radar so far, but those who have tried it, know what’s good! Probiotics help maintain a healthy bacterial balance on your skin, keeping acne away and protecting the skin from damage. Antioxidants like Vitamins B5, C and E keep the skin soft, radiant and supple. And finally, Niacinamide is the perfect cherry on the skincare cake. This is an especially useful combination for those who are new to skincare and need the perfect balance of everything! It gets better. You can find this exact combination (and then some more) in our Multivitamin Super Hydrator!

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