6 Powerful Skincare Tips To Get Your Skin Through Winters

6 Powerful Skincare Tips To Get Your Skin Through Winters

‘Tis the season of skin that’s dry, parched, chapped, flaky and easily prone to dullness! But not on our watch and certainly not, as long as you have these tried and tested skincare tips and lifestyle switches handy!


Switch to a creamy cleanser

Foaming cleansers are known to strip off the skin’s natural oils and moisture balance, leaving your skin feeling dry and stretchy. This then leaves you to work harder to reinforce all that lost moisture back into your skin. A simple switch here makes all the difference. During winters, leave out the foaming face wash and instead, switch to a creamy cleanser that removes the dirt, grime and impurities without stripping away your skin’s natural moisture.


Always apply skincare on damp skin

Your skin is like a sponge, meaning – a damp sponge absorbs water/moisture faster and better than a dry sponge! To get the best out of your serums and moisturisers, drench your skin with a toner or an essence (or even plain water is fine) before applying a serum. Then, wait for 15-20 seconds and apply your moisturiser.


Keep your exfoliation to a minimum

While exfoliation is great to combat to dullness, doing it too frequently can lead to over-drying and weakening of your skin barrier, which can lead to further moisture loss. Those with extremely dry skin can exfoliate once every 1.5-2 weeks, while other skin types can limit exfoliation to once a week.


Use a moisturising sunscreen

First things first, don’t skip sunscreen – no matter how mellow the weather is, make sure you always wear sunscreen. Lack of sunscreen can lead to rapid moisture loss and helps add an extra layer of moisturising goodness if you choose a creamy/lotion-based sunscreen!    


Say hello to facial oils

Face oils feel luxurious, and are emollient and occlusive, which means they not only nourish your skin, but also seal in the moisture by forming an occlusive layer on your skin. And face oils are not just for dry skin! There are facial oils for oily and acne-prone skin too – with balancing, purifying and soothing ingredients that promote healthier skin without breaking it out!

Get your beauty sleep!

Did you know that lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep can actually sensitize your skin, making it easily prone to sun damage, rapid aging, acne and other skin issues!


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