5 Skingredients You Need In Your Routine

5 Skingredients You Need In Your Routine

Social media and trending routines may have you believe that the key to good skin is seemingly endless steps and countless products. But, listen, good skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re just starting out with your skincare journey, all you need are just 5 hero ingredients that will keep your skin looking and feeling at its best all year round.


Hyaluronic acid:

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! 

Hyaluronic acid assists in binding water to collagen, keeping it trapped in the skin, hydrating and plumping your skin. Hyaluronic acid works like a vacuum, bringing products into the surface layer of your skin with the goal that they can infiltrate your pores. And so if you’re using serums containing hyaluronic acid, apply it before you pat on other serums and moisturisers, as it helps to seal in the ingredients of whatever is applied next better. 

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is an antioxidant powerhouse that belongs in every skincare routine. Not only does it help with boosting collagen production, it’s also known to tackle acne, clear scars & spots, and add a healthy radiance to pretty much every complexion. 


When it comes to pulling its weight in the versatility department, Niacinamide really takes the cake. Niacinamide helps strengthen your skin's barrier, works on dullness, mitigates breakouts and controls oil production. Best part? It benefits all skin types and ages, and is perfectly safe for those who are new to the world of actives! 


We’ve always said that a healthy barrier is the foundation of healthy skin. And ceramides are the key ingredient in achieving that. It strengthens the barrier and shields the skin from aggressors like the weather and pollutants. Additionally, ceramides can help reduce free radicals in the skin that destroy elastin and collagen. This in turn prevents hyperpigmentation and age spots from occurring.


And finally, we have peptides. Peptides assist in building up a stronger barrier. It plumps the skin and lips, making it firmer and consequently reducing wrinkles. It also eases inflammation and is antimicrobial, making it an ideal ingredient for preventing acne. Peptides can penetrate the external layer of the skin, so rather than sitting on top of the skin, they go deeper, and in essence, convey messages to the cells to create more collagen and elastin.

As with anything new, start slowly and go one at a time. There’s no one standard formula for the perfect routine. Listen to your skin, and try and see what works best for you according to your skin’s specific needs! Good luck! 


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