5 Reasons Why All Skin Types Need a Moisturiser

5 Reasons Why All Skin Types Need a Moisturiser

For the longest time, the importance of moisturising has been emphasised on those with dry, dehydrated skin. But here’s the thing - EVERYONE, including and especially oily skin types, needs to moisturise!  

But why?

Barrier care:

Simply put, a moisturiser acts as a barrier that helps not only prevent loss of moisture from the skin, but also retains it firmly where it belongs. Loss of moisture can weaken the barrier, leaving your skin more prone to infections, blemishes and acne! 

Early ageing prevention:

Hydration and healthy oil-moisture balance are essential for plump, supple and youthful skin. Loss of moisture can lead to premature sagging of skin, leaving it more prone to signs of ageing earlier than expected. 

Balanced sebum production:  

Now here’s a mistake most folks with oily skin tend to make. We think applying a moisturiser will make our skin oilier. However, the opposite is true. When you deprive your skin of moisture, it sends your skin the signal to produce more sebum, sending the oil production into overdrive, which causes further oiliness and eventually even acne! Choosing the right moisturiser - a light gel-based one or a non-greasy cream like the Barrier Boost Face Formula are the easiest ways to fix this and be on your way to healthy, balanced skin! 

Support the skin’s functioning:

Over the course of time, our skin’s ability to produce and retain moisture on its own diminishes. Hence, external support becomes essential so it can continue doing its job well. A moisturiser thus takes prime importance in a routine.

Seal the actives in:

Most serums, essences and actives are formulated to be ultra-light and fast-absorbing. They need a moisturiser to ensure they stay sealed within the skin, ensuring your skin gets all the goodness and care from the actives! 

Now that you know the importance of moisturising, ensure you make the time daily to nourish your skin, provide it with love and care, and notice how it thanks you in exceptional ways.

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