5 Common Mistakes that could be drying out your skin

5 Common Mistakes that could be drying out your skin

Anyone who has dry skin is entirely too familiar with that annoying papery feeling, the dullness that comes with parched skin, the itch to keep rinsing your face to make your skin “feel” hydrated. And in the process, we just end up with even drier skin that we started out. 

It's quite possible you're making some of these common skincare errors that could be giving you contrary outcomes. 



While we’ve been told to wash our face often, over-cleansing ends up removing the much-needed oils from the skin that would otherwise help maintain moisture. This eventually leads to dry patches and might even cause irritation. 

So if you have dry skin, as you begin your day remember to only use a tad bit of water and ensure you remove your makeup with gentle cleansers by the end of the day. As for a mid-day refresh, opt for a hydrating toner or a face mist to keep your skin quenched. 


While exfoliating is a must, doing it frequently creates microtears or can wreak havoc on the oil-moisture balance in your skin, leaving it dry and irritated. If you have normal skin, we recommend you exfoliate 2-3 times a week. However, those with dry skin should scrub only once or twice a week.

Using harsh actives:

Harsh actives strip the skin of its natural oils, making your skin feel tight or itchy after use. For dry skin, avoid using products with ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. When it comes to actives, gentle can be just as effective. So it’s always best to start small and slow. 

Not moisturising:

If there’s one thing you absolutely cannot go without, it’s a moisturiser! Remember to use moisturisers according to your skin type. Go for nourishing face oils that provide longer lasting moisturising and protection (like our Brazil Nut Face Oil). 

Skipping sunscreen:

All roads lead to sunscreen. Dry skin is normally more inclined to wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and more, and sun exposure speeds this up. Sunscreen also makes sure your actives are doing their job all day long in your skin!  

As always, listen to your skin. See what it responds well to, and what’s not working. But most importantly, be patient, kind and gentle with your routine!


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