3 Products Your Sensitive Skin Will Thank You For

3 Products Your Sensitive Skin Will Thank You For

When it comes to finding the perfect routine for sensitive skin, the struggle is real. You want something that is gentle and easy on your skin, yet gives you the nourishment your skin deserves.

Your main goal, when it comes to caring for your sensitive skin should be to minimise all chances of irritation. To that end, most folks with sensitive skin steer clear of products with high alcohol content, heavily fragranced formulation and high concentration of actives, to name a few. But just because your skin is more easily prone to damage than others, doesn’t mean you need to sit out on the amazing benefits of a good skincare routine.

With that in mind, allow us to introduce you to our sensitive skin superheroes. These are products that are the perfect balance of gentle, fragrance-free and effective!

Step 1 : Cleanse in the AM/PM with the Calendula + Vitamin B5 Cloud Cleanser

This luxurious, non- foaming face wash is perfect to cleanse your skin, leaving it fresher and also visibly soft. The gentle formulation helps you take off the day’s grime, sweat and even makeup, without interfering with your moisture balance.

Step 2 : Nourish with the Vitamin C Water in the PM

3-4 drops of this serum before bed, helps boost your skin’s natural collagen supply, adding a healthy glow to keep you looking radiant the next day. The water-based formulation absorbs easily, and the 5% Vitamin C derivative of Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate works effortlessly on sensitive skin without causing irritation that most Vitamin C serums are likely to cause.

Step 3 : Moisturise with The Calm Cream in the AM and PM

This all-purpose, non-active, fragrance-free cream is an answer to every sensitive skin type’s prayer for a soothing, wholesome moisturiser. The fuss-free formulation works to soothe inflamed and irritated skin, while also strengthening and balancing sensitive skin. It’s perfect for the AM as well as the PM routine.

That’s it. Three products are all you need to give your skin the love and care is deserves.

In general, make sure you follow these basic precautions:

  • ALWAYS patch test your products for a few days
  • Avoid using multiple actives in the same skincare routine
  • Avoid using an exfoliant and a serum in the same routine
  • Avoid using multiple new products at once. Instead, incorporate one product at a time in your routine, leaving a gap of 4-5 days between each product
  • Exfoliate once a week
  • Moisturise ALL the time
  • Never skip sunscreen

You can grab our skincare products for sensitive skin here.

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