3 products that healed my skin’s barrier

3 products that healed my skin’s barrier

In the last two blogs, we had dived deep into the signs of barrier damage and what to do to fix it. In this blog, I’ll walk you through my top three go-to products for barrier healing and repair.

Whatever you choose for barrier repair, it has to tick off these three boxes:

☑ Gentle

☑ Healing

☑ Protective

Now, let’s get down to the specifics.

The Calendula Cloud Cleanser

With my barrier already weakened, the last thing my skin needs is a cleanser that strips the moisture further. This is what makes the Calendula Cloud Cleanser truly special. Its creamy texture and non-foaming formula are exactly what my skin needs. In addition, the calendula really helps soothe the inflammation, while Vitamin B5 helps strengthen it, without causing extra dryness.

The Barrier Boost Face Formula

Since I make it a point to steer clear of actives during this time, the BBFF comes in handy to give my skin exactly the kind of help it needs. I use this in my AM routine. The message is in the name – it’s got all the ingredients a damaged barrier needs to bounce back better than ever. What’s more - it’s light enough to not overload my skin, but potent and nourishing enough to keep my skin moisturized.

The Calm Cream

This moisturizer is just perfect for giving my skin the gentle, soothing care it needs while also allowing much room to breathe and relax. I use this in my PM routine – where I opt for nothing but the Calendula Cleanser and this moisturizer. It’s got calendula to soothe inflammation, pentavitin to hydrate, oats to strengthen, olive squalane to restore oil-moisture balance and cold-pressed macadamia oil to restore plumpness.

Of course, in the AM, a sunscreen is a given! So, make sure you don’t skip that. Also, remember that in matters of barrier repair, patience is the only thing that matters. It takes anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks for your skin to come back to normal. But keep calm, stay consistent and go easy on your skin!

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