BB, CC or DD – Swimming In The Alphabet Soup of Skincare

Alphabets were never this complicated. But when it comes to makeup and skincare, one could use a dictionary. We decrypt the world of BB CC & DD creams

There was a sweet time when everyone’s skincare routine was pretty much set, no questions asked: Sunscreen > Moisturiser > foundation > everything else. Then came along BB creams, clubbing at least the first three skincare steps into one. And just when we were getting comfortable with this little tube of magic, along came CC cream. Since then, it’s like a Pandora’s Box of double alphabets has been opened.

We feel you. We’ve been in that same spot too. So, we took it upon ourselves to clear the air once and for all. We did the digging and found out everything to help you navigate through this trend.

Let’s start…

BB Cream:
Also called Beauty Balms or Blemish Balms, BB creams were designed with an aim to shrink the multiple steps of skincare into one. BB creams prime the skin, provide coverage, moisturise, while also doing the job of most face serums. It’s a lighter replacement to a tinted moisturiser.

Who needs it:
A BB cream has a more lotion-like texture, making it best suited for dry skin. So, you don’t have to moisturise first and then follow it up with BB to stop your skin from feeling like parchment. Additionally, a BB cream does a quick job of providing that bright but natural coverage. However, although most BB creams these days provide SPF protection, since they’re tinted, you’re likely to limit the amount you apply on your face. Thus, a BB cream may not be enough to provide you with the sun protection you need, and you’ll have to apply sunblock lotion separately. Unless, of course, your BB cream comes with an SPF of more than 35.

CC Cream:
CC creams are called Colour Correcting creams. While BB creams provide coverage, CC creams help diminish redness and sallowness. CC creams are fluffier and lighter in texture than BB creams.

Who needs it:
The light and fluffy texture make CC creams great for oily and acne prone skin. Essentially, there’s not much of a difference in how BB and CC creams function, except that a CC cream is usually oil-free.

DD Cream:
The latest addition to the alphabet soup of beauty, DD stands for Dynamic Do-all or Daily Defense. DD creams work more or less like a glorified sunscreen. But since this cream is pretty much a hybrid that combines the power of BB and CC creams, it also provides coverage and brightens the skin.

Who needs it:
DD creams are designed to fight the signs of aging, while doing the work of smoothing out the skin. It’s good for mature skin.

So, bye-bye, foundation?
Well, it depends entirely on your personal preference. Remember, these beauty balms are a quick fix, and don’t really come in a wide range of tints to give you the perfect match. These creams provide decent coverage, but you’ll still need a foundation for a more thorough job. At best, beauty benefit creams work well as primer, on top of which you apply your foundation.

So, you’ll still need your trusty foundation to give you the exact finish you desire.

Closing note…
The further beauty brands progress in the double-alphabet sequence, the more ridiculously confusing it’s likely to get. It’s safe to say that beyond a certain point, these alphabet creams are less about what they do and more about a marketing strategy.

Don’t fall prey to the latest fads without doing your due diligence. What’s more important is for you to listen to your skin and find out what exactly it needs. It doesn’t matter how expensive your BB, CC or DD cream is – it’s designed to be a Jack of all trades, but a master of none. So, don’t dive in expecting overnight miracles! Having said that, if you have a beauty balm that’s working out marvelously, don’t bother looking as far as a ZZ cream (should it ever get to that)!

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