Acai berry, skincare benefits

Acai Berry’s Power-Packed Skincare Benefits

This Berry beauty is the new super ingredient to look out for

ACAI Berry comes from the Acai palm tree and is native to South America, particularly the Amazon rainforests in Brazil. The flavor is described as being similar to blackberries with a dark chocolate after taste. Yum, sounds mouth watering right?

It’s not just this interesting flavor that draws you in. Acai berry is considered a super food with many benefits including better cardiovascular health, increased immunity and weight loss. However, in recent times it’s topical application in skincare products has increased due it’s high anti oxidant properties and ability to fight free radicals. Applying products with Acai berry or using Acai berry in your DIY mix has more pros than cons.

So, the next time you travel to the Americas, try and get your hands on a bag or two of these super berries or super berry skincare products to bring home!

Have you had any experience with this ingredient? Enlighten us!

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