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Aayushi Lahiri On Acting, Beauty And More

“I’ve always wanted to be in front of the camera” – Aayushi Lahiri On Acting, Beauty and More

Aayushi Lahiri is a true-blue Bong, actor, cinephile and self-confessed dramebaaz. A Bombay Cambridge alumni and an advertising graduate, Aayushi has been pursuing acting professionally for the past 4 years. In this feature of Women On Vaunt, the 25-year old tells us all about her journey – from being an actor to her struggle with taking charge of her body. Read on…

Where it all began…
I have always had that keeda to be in front of the camera! Back in junior college, I mostly wanted to be a face model – do print campaigns and be on hoardings. I was (and still am) too shy to even think of performing in front of a group of people. I had speech problems and a lisp. More than that, I had no training and background in any kind of acting. But, the more I tried, the more appreciation I got, and that pushed me further towards acting. My first ever film was a massive training ground for me. I went through my personal highs and lows about how I looked onscreen, what kind of roles would I accept and what I needed to work on in general. Much later, I tried for a couple of ads and bagged one which was played on every channel. From that point on, more and more offers started coming in.

Forces that shaped my choices…
I’ve always been sure of what I wanted, after I did my first film. Sure, I made mistakes, but they were all mine. I breathe films. Just being in this field makes me happy. But, if I had to name someone, it would be my play director Arnesh Ghose, who saw the ‘actress’ in me, and has been a great guiding force.

Truth be told, I am just a girl who grew up watching films with her mom and dad, and ended up becoming obssessed with cinema!

Swimming against the tide…
The challenges are always there. I still face a lot of them. To begin with, I had always been overweight. I lost 30 kilos and then gained some more after graduation again. Losing weight has been a struggle throughout. It’s especially difficult, when you’re auditioning day in and day out with picture perfect girls all around you wearing clothes you can’t even begin to dream of wearing. Being an actor brings with it a whole lot of insecurities, but I am slowly getting it right.

No way but forward…
What keeps me going when things seem too bleak is cracking the auditions which are acting-oriented. I don’t want to be just another pretty face. I don’t think about jumping from ad to ad. Some days, I am just happy that I got the opportunity to audition for a good script, that some director got to see my performance and judge my acting chops. It’s not easy to meet a director when you don’t have strong film connections and contacts. Auditioning is how I train myself, and I enjoy every bit of it. I have my ways of staying positive.

On looking like a boss…
I realised much later in life just how important skincare is, especially in my field. Between applying loads of makeup everyday for screen tests and shoots, my skin takes a lot of beating. You crave for that naturally glowing skin. I believe that good skin elevates your personality. So I do my best to take care of my skin as much as possible.

I have very oily skin. So it always requires some extra attention. I cleanse my face every night with a good lotion. It’s extremely important to me to clean my skin off all the makeup at the end of the day. On days when I am going makeup free, I carry wet wipes with me (especially whenever I am travelling). I detox my body once or twice a month with pure coconut oil. Coconut oil also helps lighten my stretch marks.

Working out regularly is also equally important for me. I sweat it out for a good hour and drink a lot of water – it works wonders for that glow!

Women I admire…
I am a big fan of Vidya Balan ever since her first film. I follow every one of her interviews, and she is one of the main reasons I wanted to get into acting! Also, my mother is my idol. She is someone I look up to the most. She’s capable of handling even the most difficult or ugly situations with such elegance.

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