10 Commandments For Flawless Makeup

These rules will keep your make-up game on track.

When it comes to skincare and makeup, there are a few rules that you should religiously stick by. If you don’t want to land up looking like a hot mess on a sunny day, make sure you follow these rules to the tee.

Commandment #1  – Less Is More

A little goes a long way, we’ve all heard that, and that applies to makeup too. There’s no need to go all out and overdo it. At the end of it all, you still want to look like a prettier version of yourself. Always start off with a little and then add on if needed. What I’ve learnt is, makeup isn’t a mask.

Commandment #2 – The Brow Code

Keeping them in order makes a big difference to the overall look. Tweeze, shape, cut and fill if required and you’re going to be surprised at the difference it makes.

Commandment #3 – Blend It Right

Whether it is foundation or eyeshadow – blending is the key! Nobody wants to see a blob of eye shadow or an uneven application of foundation. Make sure you invest in a good blending brush.

Commandment #4 –  Blush Perfect

Most of us have watched our mothers applying blush on the apple of the cheeks and have followed suit, but that won’t necessarily work for everyone. Blush should be applied to the centre of the cheeks and blended outwards and upwards. For chubby or round faced people, the blush should be applied at the cheekbone and blended upwards towards the hairline.

Commandment #5 – Contour Overkill

In our opinion, the technique is highly overrated. The year of the contour has reached is beauty death. However, the technique is used to enhance facial features and not look like a whole new you. We recommend a little contouring around the jawline and the cheekbone works but go easy on it. Also, make sure it’s well blended or else it could look like a messed up job.

Commandment #6 – Strike A Balance

None of us want to look overdone, so it’s best to play around with one part of the face. If you’re going dark with the eyes, it’s best to stick to more natural shades for the lips. If you want to stick to subtle shades for the eyes, go ahead and pump up your lips with colour!

Commandment #7 – Don’t Be A Follower

As much as we would love to see walk down the streets adorning unicorn makeup or the mermaid, we all know trends are not for everyone. Strive to use products and techniques that you like and that are in your line of style and match your colour tone.

Commandment #8- The Clean Machine

Consider them your armour, cleaning your brushes and tools makes way to a beautiful you. Unclean brushes hold a lot of bacteria, so it’s best that it’s washed every week or after every use. Brushes that are already holding pigments will result in spotty and unfinished application.

Commandment #9- Light It Up

This is a rule that often people let go off, but applying your makeup in an ill lit rooms will look fabulous, but as soon as you go out into natural light, it ends up being a disaster. The makeup looks patchy and not blended well enough. Try to apply your makeup in as much natural light as possible.

Commandment #10 – Done and dusted

One must part with old favourites as they won’t do your skin any good. Once products reach the expiry date, not only do they give you an unclean finish, but there is also a possibility of a breakout. As for eye products, the skin around the eye is very sensitive and so an infection can be caused easily. So conduct your parting ceremony and let go must be gone!

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